How Long Does it Take for a YouTube Channel to Grow Organically?

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YouTube may be the most popular platform online and the majority of people who are looking for an online success are focusing on YouTube. If you want to start a blog, that may take a lot of time to attract the audience to your website and to push your website through the Google Algorithm.

With YouTube, it is a bit different. Yes, there’s algorithm and a lot of hard work is required, but the audience is already there. You just need to be creative enough and make your channel entertaining in order to succeed. But is that enough? How long does it take to grow your channel on YouTube organically?

What do you need to do? Where to start? Follow us for a few tips and tricks about growing your YT channel.

  1. How often do you post videos?

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First of all, YouTube favors channels that are publishing new videos ideally every day to those that launch one video per week. This is hard for a lot of creators because it takes a lot of time to prepare a video, edit it, publish it and perhaps do some promotion on social media.

Realistically speaking, unless you are playing games or doing some sorts of live streams where you do one thing over and over again and people watch it, you will need some time to come up with a video and “do it”.

However, frequency is the first thing to keep in mind. If you can somehow post 3-4 videos a week, you have much higher chances of your channel becoming recommended to the users. YouTube will be more interested to push your content up in that case, than it will be if you just show up occasionally.

Don’t forget that they reward the time spend on their platform and that’s your ticket to growth.

  1. The quality of your videos

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Starting on YouTube doesn’t take a lot of time and basically everyone can do it. That’s the beauty of it – you can access a platform with millions of users online and it is up to you to decide what to do. But before you even start, think about the quality of your videos.

We are not talking about the content – not yet at least.

We are talking about equipment. Get one or two cameras that are at least mid-level and find a microphone that you can use. If you are going to film things outdoors, you will need the protection from the wind and you really want to isolate your sound.

If you plan to create your videos mostly at home, consider lighting, even creating a separate room where you will film. Of course, you don’t have to do all of that in the beginning, but a good mic, together with a high-quality camera is a must.

This should help you out in growing your channel from the start. People will not watch low-resolution videos, no matter how brilliant they may seem to be.

  1. Content is king

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Just like with everything else online, content is the most important thing to focus on. Without high-quality content where you will provide entertainment, useful information or everything together, you cannot hope to do much.

But the problem is everything is already done. Theirs isn’t a topic that is not covered on YouTube. So, what can you do to stand out?

It isn’t that much about inventing a brand new thing. It boils down to your personality and how you deliver your topic. If you are passionate about what you do, post regularly and do some other things will talk about later in the article, you have a high chance of succeeding.

On the other hand, if you are inpatient to get a quick start, you can always hire one of the advertising agencies to help you out with pushing and promoting your content. A lot of people opt to buy viewers and followers to get it going, but after this boost, they continue to grow organically.

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  1. SEO – Keywords

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Just like with everything else on the Internet, SEO is a big factor when posting YouTube videos. You will need to make an extensive research regarding which keywords are not highly competitive. When you are starting your channel from scratch, you will need to target those keywords because, channels are already ranked for all the good words.

This might take some time to build around those keywords. One video will not do the job. Try creating a series of videos on one topic and then move on to the next. You will need to find the balance between what you want to talk about or show and the keywords that you will incorporate.

This can be tricky from time to time and if you cannot strike a balance, then go for a video. You don’t want to reduce the video quality for the sake of the keyword.

  1. Thumbnails

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One of the big factors when creating content on YouTube is making eye-catching thumbnails! If you want to see how this is done properly, all you have to do is visit one of the highest-ranked channels such as Mr. Beast, for example. See how he makes his thumbnails and you will understand what we are talking about.

A thumbnail should give your audience a sneak peek of what’s to come in a video. It should have click-baity qualities to it, but it should also be true. In other words, you want to tease the audience a bit to grab their attention, but not mislead them completely. At the end of the day, the video should match your thumbnail, otherwise, your audience may feel as you cheated them.

Growing On YT Organically is Different for Everyone Else

It is hard to pinpoint a certain timeline in which your YouTube channel will grow. There isn’t a set rule and we cannot say: “After one year, you will have x amount of subscribers”. Various factors are at play. If you post regularly, it is more likely that you will get a large number of subscribers quickly. However, if you disregard factors such as keywords and quality content, you can post every day and your channel will not develop.