5 Furnace Maintenance Tips To Avoid Major Repairs: Cleaning And Maintenance

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It is essential to make sure that your furnace is well maintained in order to keep energy costs low and avoid expensive repairs or replacements. Regularly checking and servicing your furnace will help prevent future breakdowns and ensure that it remains in top shape for a long time. This guide will provide you with easy tips for maintaining your unit and avoiding major repairs.

When Your Furnace Needs Professional Repair

Many problems with your furnace can be avoided with regular maintenance. Simple things like changing the air filter and cleaning the vents can keep your furnace running efficiently and safely, but it’s always a good idea to know when to call experts from furnace repair Toronto for more complicated repairs. Repairing a broken system yourself can be dangerous as most HVAC units require special tools and expertise.

In many cases, you’ll be able to tell if you have a problem with your furnace just by paying attention to how it’s working.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Furnace

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It’s important to maintain your furnace on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs down the road. This includes keeping the interior and exterior areas of your unit clean and free of debris and dust that can cause clogs, as well as performing yearly maintenance checks. Below are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your furnace:

  1. Replace or clean air filters regularly – Check and replace air filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions or as needed. Clean or replaceable air filters will run better – providing more efficient air circulation – and help extend the life of your furnace.
  2. Vacuum around the vent openings – Use a vacuum attachment to remove dust from around the vents leading from the blower into the various rooms of your home. This ensures that cooled or heated air won’t be blocked by dirt, dust, pet hair, etc.
  3. Keep vents open – Make sure all furniture, rugs, curtains, etc., aren’t blocking any outdoor vents that direct airflow into and out of your home’s central heating system – whether it be a furnace or an HVAC system. Gas is vented outdoors through exterior flues so make sure these areas remain clear as well!
  4. Check wiring connections – Once a year have a qualified technician check that all wiring connections are tight and free from corrosion, wear, or damage – this includes wires attached to limit switches (typically mounted on the blower housing) at both high temperatures (too hot) and low temperatures (not hot enough).
  5. Inspect belts regularly – Always have a professional technician inspect V-belts for wear or fraying before replacing them; ask for their opinion if you think they need replacing due to age or damage. If you’re not sure how to inspect these belts properly yourself seek professional advice! Lastly, always keep any flammable materials away from furnaces at all times – including paint cans – when conducting maintenance work in this area!
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By following these maintenance tips, you’ll significantly reduce the chance of having to pay for expensive repairs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to furnace repair, so don’t wait until something goes wrong. It pays to stay on top of your maintenance and catch minor problems before they become major issues.