Do You Need Planning Permission to Replace a Roof 

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Replacing a roofing system on an asset is a big investment since numerous important processes must be carefully carried into effect in order for the construction to be performed satisfactorily. Initially, the old roofing must be removed and the site cleared of debris so the renovation could commence.

We should draw your attention to mistakes people usually make when they engage in this type of venture, and, among other things, they imply superficial or insufficient knowledge of current construction laws concerning their endeavor. Thus, read the lines below and figure out whether you do need planning permission to replace a roof, or should you continue with your plans not worrying about breaking the law.

First Things Come First

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The most important thing about preparing for this type of venture implies timely planning. Thus, you must determine whether the upgrade you wish to perform conflicts with any applicable laws. For example, construction companies must provide evidence of conducting a feasibility study before moving to tangible works.

The authorities should be informed about what you want to do with your property for various reasons. First, any upgrade you want to potentiate must be revised and approved by officials before you start with the execution of works. Now, you would not have to ask for permission if you only want to fix the broken parts, but every single major renovation, such as complete roof replacement, must be reported to official authorities.

To a layman, the whole process could appear more than simply confusing, especially if they lack experience with handling similar issues. Apart from that, you should be aware of how this type of venture can be time-consuming since acquiring licenses does not happen overnight. Add immense amounts of paperwork to the calculus and you will realize why reaching out for the assistance of qualified professional assistance is considered more effective.

Repair VS Replacement

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As we have mentioned earlier, you should first establish how big of a change you would submit your roofing system to. Namely, a simple repair will probably not mess with the overall appearance of the structure, so you should not waste your time registering the venture with the officials if your intervention would be minor.

On the other hand, replacing the old one with a new roof transcends the boundaries of imperceptibility, so you must oblige to the existing laws and file a claim before you move to the realization. Now, the aforementioned might not be enough to base a case, since it could be hard to assess which type of roof reconstruction falls under major modifications that require official permission. Thus, we advise you to carefully analyze your situation before making conclusions.

Namely, it is hard, if even possible to draw a strict line of distinction which separates the minor works from the major ones. Thus, we advise you either to act at your own risk or to contact the professionals and ask for a piece of advice. If you want to learn more about this subject, feel free to consult for more details related to the subject.

Why Would You Need a Permit

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Any type of construction work is of importance and should be administered only by following current laws and regulations. Namely, replacing a specific roof does not concern solely the one who uses it and their family, but also the rest of the community. Therefore, every single modification must be carried into effect in compliance with official standards.

You cannot build or rebuild anything that comes to your mind, moreover, you must act in accordance with the official space plan. In a nutshell, that is the reason why some neighborhoods appear similar, or shall we say, typical. Therefore, if the roof you intend to build would appear deviating from the standard norm, the chances of your claim would be rejected are high.

What you should also be aware of is that height works might be dangerous and that workers must be insured before they start building. Surely, that should not be your job, but the responsibility of the company you hire, still you should be conscious that there are tons of peculiarities such as this one that must be carefully arranged not to conflict with the actual law, otherwise, the whole feasibility of your project would be brought into question.

How to File a Claim?

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Technological advancements have bestowed us with numerous features we could once only fantasize about. Thus, the trend of DIY projects swarming the Internet does not surprise us much. Nowadays, you can find almost anything you want online, so finding a tutorial about how to file a claim for your new roof is nothing unusual. Still, nobody guarantees you will be satisfied with the results or that you will be willing to sacrifice as much time as a process such as this one requires.

Additionally, hiring a professional company that specializes in obtaining necessary permits would cost you more than if you would power the venture on your own steam. On the other hand, you could organize the whole thing from the comfort of your home while arranging important details by clicking with your mouse. They do what they do for a reason, so doubt not that hiring an experienced entity would speed up the whole process by far. Not solely that, but they should also appoint you to what to pay attention to and which documents to prepare in order not to get your claim denied.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and additional suggestions will help finish your roof replacement in a record time. Even though you can organize the whole thing on your own, we advise you to seek professional guidance, not because we reckon you do not have what it takes, but because experience is of utter importance when construction projects such as roofing system replacement are in question. In the end, they might save you both the time and money if it happens you do not need a permit to deliver your plans.