Different Cranes—Different Uses: Which One Do You Need?

Different Cranes—Different Uses

As far back as 3,000 BC, the concept of cranes has been helping humans get work done faster.

Of course, the cranes of today are more advanced and there’s also a wide range of them to consider if you need the services of mobile crane hire Melbourne residents and companies often use.

So, which one is appropriate for your next task?

Below, we’ll summarise some of the categories of cranes you’ll find available. And luckily, many of them are up for hire for your next project.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Did you know cranes can be maneuverable? Drive them to where you want them and get the work done!

What are They?

As with many of the cranes discussed on this page, a crane mechanism is incorporated into a vehicle design. Therefore, you can drive your crane to the spot where you’ll need it, rather than having to load it onto a truck, transporting it, and unloading it for use.

There are developments in the industry continually, so you’ll find mobile cranes with automated technology. This enables the equipment to be ready fairly quickly, helping you streamline your workflows and get more done in a day.

When to Pick a Mobile Crane

This category is appropriate for lifting heavy loads, unlike the Mini Cranes discussed below.

In terms of terrain, there’s a wide range of mobile cranes to consider and many of them do have all-terrain chassis. So, no matter where your building or other project is, you should be able to drive your mobile crane to where it will be used.

Do investigate the range of models available, since there might be one with specialized features you may need. For example:

  • Extendable telescopic beams
  • Double folding jib
  • Different axle loads
  • Low noise
  • Better maneuverability, which is helpful in tighter spaces

Load ratings differ, so shop according to your project needs.

Franna Cranes

Franna Cranes

This type of crane was born in the 1970s because the original designer required a vehicle that could both lift and be very mobile.

What are They?

On a Franna crane, the crane component is built into the vehicle’s chassis. Therefore, it’s another example of a mobile type of crane and these are known for their maneuverability.

When to Pick a Franna Crane

Although the weight capacities of these cranes may not be as high as those of the mobile cranes mentioned above, they can still achieve a lot.

People usually pick them when they require high-performance equipment but also some versatility. For example, a truck can operate in compact spaces and offer great placement options. Some others are designed to be agile, compact units, so they move quicker compared to certain other equipment on a construction site.

City Cranes (Also Called Mini Cranes)

City Cranes (Also Called Mini Cranes)
Source: cranesandlifting.com.au

Working in a tight space—you need this!

What are They?

Along with being compact in design, these cranes also have a limited tail swing radius. This all adds to how appropriate they are to construction work in small spaces.

When to Pick a Mini Crane

These units are very popular for work on roads. For teams that do work in busy city centers instead of large, open construction sites, these come in handy. Some do have telescopic crane features, so they can still reach immense heights.

Note their crane capacities, so you pick one that can handle the type of load you need to lift.

Crane Trucks

Crane Trucks
Source: driverjobs.com.au

The reality is that your job may not simply need the lifting of an item, but also the transportation of a load. You can get a 2-in-1 crane truck to simplify the job!

What are They?

A crane truck has a functional bed that you can use as a platform to transport items on. At the back of the truck bed is a crane component, so you can easily lift items from high up or low down on the ground onto the flat surface. When the load is ready, simply drive away with it.

These trucks are heavy-duty vehicles, so if your project requires haulage of an immense load and you also need a crane, you can have peace of mind that these trucks can handle the work.

When to Pick a Crane Truck

If you look at your project and realize you need both lifting and transportation equipment, a crane truck is often a more practical solution. For one thing, it’s bound to be more affordable than hiring (or buying) both a crane and an additional vehicle like a truck for transporting loads.

One size doesn’t fit all, and luckily there are different bed sizes available, so you can obtain a suitable one for your work. This is another way to save since you’ll only pay for what you need.

In Summary

The design of cranes has come a long way from the Egyptians’ and Mesopotamian technology of thousands of years ago.

But humans’ desire to take on big projects is still the same. The next time you start a new project and you’re not sure how you’ll get it done, use this guideline to get the best resources for the situation.