How Small Diamond Engagement Rings Still Make a Statement


Where Do You Start?

It is one of the most conventional ideas that an engagement ring makes a statement only when the diamond or the center stone is gigantic. Times have changed and people are more familiar with what actually makes diamonds stand out— it is definitely their shine.

Therefore, what makes an engagement ring stand out is its design rather than the size of the diamonds that you select for the ring. In fact, small diamonds are suitable for hands of all sizes, and shapes, and suit everyone’s budget. So, here are some ways to ensure that your engagement ring with small diamonds makes a statement.


How To Turn Heads With A Small Diamond Ring?


Diamonds are so much more than their size. The true worth of a diamond lies in its brilliance and sparkle rather than how humungous it is. When you keep all the right aspects in mind when shopping for an engagement ring with small diamonds, you can never go wrong. Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you understand certain aspects that will have your engagement ring with small diamonds turn heads.

Focus on quality over quantity


A diamond’s worth can be estimated just by looking at its size. And this is true for diamonds more than it is for any other stone on the market. A diamond that is a lot bigger but comes with certain flaws can cost a fraction of what a smaller diamond that is free of imperfections and blemishes would cost you. This essentially means you can opt for a diamond with fewer carats while ensuring it has a flawless shine and sparkle. When you focus on shine rather than your diamond’s carat weight, your ring is sure to shine brilliantly from a distance, thus being way more noticeable than a larger diamond that may not have an easily noticeable shine.

Play with different styles to find the best look


The beauty of an engagement ring is seldom about the size of the diamonds. It is rather the design of your ring that makes it unique. Despite being small in size, your diamond will make your engagement ring a stunner when it has a fancy cut. Some diamond shapes worth considering are emerald-cut, princess-cut, marquise, and pear among others. If stackable rings match your style, small diamonds are the best choice for such rings. When you pair two or three rings with small diamonds, it can help you make a more powerful statement.

Focus on details

Diamond engagement rings look all the more appealing when you pay more attention to the details and keep it simple at the same time. Some of the aspects of engagement rings that don’t receive much attention are the setting of the diamonds. Certain settings, such as cut-down settings, channel settings, and claw settings can add to the brilliance of your diamond engagement ring. Likewise, you can also go for a ring with the whole band being diamond studded.

With smaller diamonds, you get to focus more on other details by creating certain patterns with the metal instead. This ensures every element of your engagement ring receives equal attention without the diamond outshining other aspects of the design.

Know your metals

Engagement rings are not all about diamonds and other stones. In fact, the kind of metal you select can significantly influence the overall look of your ring. Therefore, if you want your engagement ring to look elegant, choosing the right metal can make all the difference. Four of the most common metals used in engagement rings are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

While the choice you make will depend on your personal taste, you can create attractive designs using the metal itself and add small diamonds at regular intervals to accentuate your engagement ring’s look and add to its shine. Therefore, when buying a diamond engagement ring, know that you should focus just as much on the metal so that you can explore more options when it comes to the design of the ring.

You can always go custom

When people plan to invest in a bigger diamond, their focus shifts from the design of the engagement ring as a whole to the diamond itself, however, smaller diamonds offer you the liberty to get creative and explore different styles, which allows you to get your engagement ring customized. With smaller diamonds, you can try some beautiful and unique designs, such as asymmetrical framing, filigree, halo settings, and much more. To know more about customized styles, click here.

And if you value both the size of the diamond and the shine of your ring, you can get a diamond engagement ring designed that has several diamonds arranged in a circular shape, which looks more like one big diamond when viewed from a distance.

Understand Your Choices

From the three characteristics of a diamond, which are its cut, clarity, and color to the shape and plenty of designs available, there’s no limit to your choices. Moreover, you can also get your engagement ring customized to suit your taste. Therefore, the key to making your engagement ring with smaller diamonds look flawless is all about understanding the choices you have and what your personal preference is. Since your partner will be wearing the engagement ring every day for the rest of their life, it is crucial that it feels comfortable and appeals to them.