5 Best Restaurant POS Systems in the UK

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A point of sale (POS) system is a hardware and software combination that simplifies restaurant operations. Restaurant POS systems are an essential component of any restaurant operation. They allow restaurant owners to keep tabs on sales, manage inventory, and generate reports. It acts as the hub of your business, handling everything from order processing and payment management to inventory management and data analytics. An effective POS system can significantly impact a restaurant’s profitability.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority predicts that by 2028, less than one in ten transactions will be paid with cash. However, what are the best ways for hospitality businesses to make full use of digital payments? Given the abundance of POS systems on the market, choosing the right restaurant POS system for your business can be challenging. Let’s select the ideal one for your business keeping that in mind.

In this post we will look at the best restaurant POS systems in the UK market. All these systems can save you time and money on administrative tasks by providing the information you need to expand your business. All of them are very user-friendly so you won’t have any problems setting them up quickly. Use this guide to choose the right POS system for your restaurant business.

1. UTP

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Opening a new restaurant should be an exciting chapter in anyone’s life, where they can completely customise it to their taste. The first thing on your mind is making sure you are using a reliable and secure payment method. UTP has established several customisable payment options as it wants all new business ventures to succeed. Within 100 meters of a Bluetooth base unit or Wi-Fi router, UTP provides a range of mobile card readers that can be used in and around your business. UTP’s mobile card machine have exceptional battery life. It lasts for several days of use and ensures that your business can receive payments efficiently. Customers can leave a tip if they are satisfied with the service, they received using UTP’s card machines, which also provides an option to add gratuities.

UTP offers the lowest transaction rates in the industry for you and your business. To help startups, UTP offers a solution that allows users to receive funding within hours. With this complimentary service known as Faster Processing, UTP’s customers can receive funding for individual transactions hourly or at the close of their trading day. This is found to be very helpful when starting a new business venture, as it can remove the stress of having to wait for cash. In the UK, UTP is the only merchant service offering Faster Processing service and other merchant can defer payments for up to four business days.

2. Square

Square is a popular and simple POS system for pop-up stores and small restaurants, known for its low cost and easy-to-use interface. It has features that can increase sales, promote customer loyalty, and streamline operations. Online ordering, loyalty programs, and table management are among the many features Square offers for restaurant software. In addition, Square provides a wide range of connectors with well-known third-party programs, including accounting software and delivery providers.

3. Takepayments

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Takepayments is a UK-based payments specialist that sells its own POS systems and card readers. If you’re too big for something like Square but not yet ready for advanced functionality, they are someone you should give some thought to. Even individuals with limited technical knowledge can operate the system effectively because of its straightforward EPOS capabilities and user-friendly design. By enabling automatic total transfers to the card machine and reducing the chance of errors, integrated card payments make the process even faster.

4. Zettle

Zettle is another straightforward choice without a commitment. This works well for market stalls or pop-ups, but not for full-service restaurants. Zettle streamlines the onboarding process, so it takes less time to update prices, add VAT and start selling. This ease of use extends to staff training, facilitating quick account swaps and checkout procedures that take just a few seconds. Convenience and speed can be very helpful if you manage a busy location.

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5. Clover

Clover comes with decent hardware, a 30-day trial period, and round-the-clock email and phone support. One of the most recognised brands in the POS sector, they provide all-in-one systems that are quick and easy to operate. The most complete option is Clover Station Pro, an all-in-one system for managing businesses. In addition to managing payments locally, globally, and online, it also provides an easy-to-use interface that makes staff scheduling, inventory monitoring and other tasks more productive.