5 Best Care Homes in Cornwall 2024

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Taking care of the people that you love sometimes means that you need to let someone else keep them safe when you cannot provide the best condition for them. When our parents and grandparents reach a certain age, we need to be with them around the clock, and they need to be protected from everything, including themselves at some point.

Because of that, we need to consider nursing homes where they would get everything that they could need, including around-the-clock care, plan for their medications and supplements, and even emergency services that will be there to react in case something happens.

When we consider this option, we want to provide them with the appropriate care, and here, we are going to list some of the best care homes in Cornwall for 2024. Keep on reading if you want to get more information on that, and how to choose the right facility for your loved ones.

1. Ponsandane

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The first place that we are going to tell you about is a home located in the center of west Cornwall, and it is a luxury house with limited residential spots where your loved ones will be able to have a comfortable life. It is set in a beautiful location surrounded by gardens and vegetation and gives a sense of comfort and security.

It is owned by a leading private care provider and it offers a lot of amenities that would make the life of the people you care about much better and safer. It offers top care with amazing services and there is nothing that your loved one would miss or need in this place.

It has registered care for a lot of different types of people and patients, and it is also open for collaborating with individuals who need special nursing and attention.

2. Crantock Lodge

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If you are looking for a place that is cozy, comfortable, and safe for everyone who is a part of it, then you should consider Crantock Lodge. It is located near the coastline, so most of the rooms in this place offer their residents amazing seaside views and a relaxing atmosphere. The whole place has a homey feeling, and they will not feel like they are in a special nursing facility.

The rooms are large and relaxing, and every resident has their own TV and en-suite toilet. Note that if you want to get additional furniture or make the room of your family member even better, you are free to do that and bring things from your or their home.

There are a lot of different activities and features that your loved ones can enjoy here, starting from an extremely equipped library with large print books, up to arts and craft activities, pet therapy, music performances and special, and even therapists and masseuses.

3. Windmill Court

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Finding the right place for the people that need nursing and help for their age and condition can be a little challenging, and the best thing about Cornwall is that it offers a variety of facilities and services that could help even the most difficult of cases.

On websites like carezee.co.uk, you can find the perfect care home that would be the right choice for your loved ones. You can search by location or type of service and you can select the features you need and see everything starting from images up to the smallest details of the place.

Windmill Court is another facility in Cornwall that provides top nursing for all the residents, and the place is small and intimate for everyone there. Unlike many other places where people could feel like they are just a part of large machinery, this facility offers privacy and comfort.

In the home, there is room for 34 residents, and even though all the rooms are completely furnished, you are free to bring items from your home to make the experience for your loved ones even better. The whole place is spacious and there are gardens surrounding it where the residents can spend time and relax. There are different types of amenities that the residents can enjoy and be entertained every day of the week.

4. Little Oaks

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The next place on our list offers luxurious care for the residents and it is said to be one of the best places if you are looking for top-notch care and amenities. The rooms here are extremely spacious and they are equipped in a way that they put safety first. It has a nurse call system in every room that the residents can reach at any time of day or night.

It offers residential care around the clock, and your loved ones’ needs will always be met, no matter their condition or special requests. The place is spacious, beautiful, and extremely relaxing. It is the perfect place for those who need to feel safe and protected.

5. Restgarth

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The last place we are going to talk about is Restgarth and it is said to be the best one when it comes to disability aids and equipment. It is dedicated to providing the best nursing for people no matter their conditions, and it promotes independence and interaction.

It offers a lot of different activities and amenities so that the residents will never feel bored or left out. There is something for everyone, starting with individual care and activities, up to group interaction and things that the residents can do with one another. Here, you won’t have to worry about something happening to people that are suffering from a more serious condition, as Restgarth specializes in re-ablement care, respite, and aftercare.

These are some of the best home care facilities in Cornwall, and even though they offer similar nursing conditions, they are still different and specialize in a variety of things. If you are not sure which one is the right one for your family member, the best thing you can do is compare them, and reach out to them. When choosing the best care, it is always recommended to go and see the place for yourself, and see if it would be the right fit for the person you want to help. Note that as you can see every place has limited rooms, so make sure you make the needed reservations and arrangements before you make your final choice.