Benefits of Clumping Cat Litter

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Giving toilet training to a pet is never an easy task. A litter tray or a carton is a saviour in this context, as making your pet excrete on a fixed spot becomes possible by it. A Litter Box is utilized by kittens to conceal their urine along with their excreta.

Choosing the best kind of litter for your cat is a tough task. In order to understand what type of litter box would suit your cat, the basic condition to fulfil is to know what are clumping and non-clumping litters. The article also talks about the advantages of clumping cat litter. Before discussing its benefits, let us know the purpose of it.

The choice between a clumping and a non-clumping cat litter depends on various factors. The three main ones to consider are ‘the type of maintenance you want, ‘how much money you can spend, ‘what your cat likes.

Clumping Cat Litter

The phrase clumping is utilised for deceiving the type of litter that is more absorbing as compared to the other types of basic litter. The litter forms solid clumps as soon as it comes in contact with water.

This type of cat litter is the most chosen and most used kind all across the world. It is preferred by most people because it makes the cleaning process way too easy, convenient and simple. These types of litters come with bentonite. This type of clumping litter comes in multiple sizes, scents and textures. A clumping litter is expert in not allowing the cat’s excreta and urine into the whole litter box and this helps in keeping it clean for a longer time.

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Non-clumping Cat Litter

The structure of non-clumping cat litter is contrasting to that of a clumping litter. No chemical helps in solidifying the clumps together as happens in a clumping litter. The urine also is allowed to peep down in these types of litters. Due to the intermixing of the urine-soaked clumps, the entire litter gets dirty and needs to be washed completely before every reuse.

Benefits of A Clumping Cat Litter

Cats are very hygienic creatures and their love for hygiene is nowhere hidden. They use their sense of smell to determine whether a litter box is clean or not and only then concede to using it. To avoid the bad smell of the litter box, it is essential to clean it regularly if it’s a non-clumping type.

The clumping cat litter is preferred over the other types available because of the following reasons:

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  • Scooping is simple. The cat’s excreta can be trapped in tight clumps which makes it easier to remove the unwanted. A clumping litter is capable of absorbing the urine of the pet. This results in the formation of solid and hard clumps. These clumps can be later removed from the box very easily.
  • Having a clumping litter helps in trapping the cat’s excreta in clumps which can be easily removed later. However, if one goes with a non-clumping litter, there are chances of the surroundings getting dirty with the unwanted solid. This happens because the faeces are not captured tightly by a clamp when you are using a non-clumping litter.
  • A clumping litter can catch hold of the liquid urine before it gets its way down to the bottom-most part of the litter box. While using a non-clumping litter, there may be a problem of removing the liquid from the box after some time.
  • One of the best features of using a clumping litter is its odour-controlling power. Because the solid is trapped inside the box firmly, there is no issue of having to deal with the odour of the sold separately. There is no need to find solutions separately for the odour produced by the excreta.
  • Clumping litters are healthier and environmentally friendly types of litter boxes. These are better than the non-clumping litters that are made using clay which has silica dust. This can be harmful to health.
  • A clumping litter is better than its non-clumping counterpart because it has a longer shelf life. The non-clumping litters get dirty time and again which mandates washing them before every reuse. This leads to damaging the litter and reducing its lifetime.
  • In a non-clumping cat litter, the procedure of determining where the cat’s waste is located is very difficult. Clumping litters come at one’s rescue by making the identification process a lot easier.

Visit for getting cat litter that quick, incomparable absorption. You can also save a lot of money on these litters since they last for quite a good long time. The litter offers a very quick and strong clump formation that does not break even if you stand on it.

How To Use A Clumping Litter

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  1. Get a large enough tray that your cat could use in a very comfortable manner.
  2. Make sure you keep the litter box completely clean and sanitised. After this is done, add 5cm-7cm cat litter and then shake swiftly to level it.
  3. Inspect the box regularly and eliminate any solids, if crucial. Utilize a spoon to eliminate and dispose of the household waste.
  4. To deter any sort of bacteria or infection, make sure to clean up the trash of cat litter instantly.
  5. Tremble the tray swiftly later so as to give rise to fresh pellets on the surface.
  6. Empty the tray when essential and wash it completely with a delicate pet-friendly detergent. Dry completely and refill with new pellets.
  7. Utilize disposable or rubber gloves while handling the prior used litter.


The article may have, to an extent, lightened your dilemma of choosing between a clumping and a non-clumping cat litter. Both these types, the clumping as well as the non-clumping, litters have their own pros and cons but the clumping cat litter wins the race. Always make sure to determine the purpose for which you need a cat litter. Only then choose the right type for your cats.