Beer Cap Plinko: The Drinking Game That Keeps You Entertained


Are you ready to unlock hours of fun and frolic while never running out of reasons to pour another craft beer? If so, then Beer Cap Plinko is the perfect drinking game for you! With its unique combination of luck, skill, and beer-guzzling, it’s sure to become your new favorite way to have a good time!

Introduction to Beer Cap Plinko

This is a drinking game that is quickly becoming the centerpiece of many parties and events. It is a unique, exciting, and engaging way to bring people together for some beer-fueled fun. Players take turns dropping their beer caps into the slots at the bottom of an elevated board, and depending on which slot they land in, they must either drink or give up one of their beers.

The game should not be confused with regular Plinko, as the rules are slightly different. Beer Cap Plinko requires participants to use beer caps instead of chips and, unlike regular Plinko, a scoring system determines who wins each round. As an added twist, sometimes various mini-games or challenges can be played while waiting for someone’s turn – making every round a bit unpredictable!

What are the rules?


The Setup: Place 5 cups (or alternatively, sixer bottle tops) in a line at one end of the table and five cups (or bottoms) at the other end of the table to form a Plinko board.

The Object: Flip beer caps onto the board so they fall into their corresponding cups (or bottoms). Each cup has an associated drinking rule that a player must obey when they get three caps to land in one of those cups. The object of the game is to increase your chances of getting your own cap into your own cup and thereby avoid having to drink! Conversely, if someone else’s cap ends up in your cup, then you will have to drink.

The Rules:

  • All players must have an even number of beer bottle tops before starting.
  • If a player lands 3 caps in their cup, no further plinking is required by them until it is their turn again.
  • If someone else lands 3 caps in your cup, you are obligated to drink according to rules agreed upon by all players at the beginning of the play
  • Each side gets two throws – left-handed flips and right-handed flips (lowered difficulty settings are also allowed).
  • Beer Caps/Bottles cannot have any writing on them or any pointy edges (e.g., no sports team logos).
  • The “Plinko Master” determines how many times each player can throw if either side does not make three in their turn. Otherwise, start over from step 1 when each player has completed their 2 throws per turn attempt on both sides of the table

Accessories Needed

In order to play the game, you will need a few materials. The most important item is the target board, which is typically made of wood, metal, or PVC plastic. You will also need thin wooden dowels, nails, and a hammer to assemble the game board. Additionally, you’ll need some beer caps and a container such as a mug or a bucket.

Why play?

  • It’s a great way to add some entertainment to social gatherings – Whether it’s tailgating before your favorite sporting event or having dinner with friends, Beer Cap Plinko is a great way to have fun and keep everyone entertained, and you can play Plinko online as well.
  • It encourages creativity – With each round comes new challenges, like launching multiple beer caps in one round or having all players use only one hand. This inspires creativity when coming up with ideas for new games!
  • It helps improve coordination – Using your hands and eyes to aim the beer caps onto a specific target helps build fine motor skills while also teaching you how to make adjustments based on trajectory.
  • It enhances friendly competition– Nothing makes the game night more exciting than playing against others and seeing who will come out as the winner! Despite it being a drinking game, Beer Cap Plinko is still considered a highly competitive sport that will help bring people closer together.

Tips for Playing

In order to make the most out of your experience, here are some helpful tips:

-Don’t be afraid to get creative when setting up the game board: your imagination is limitless! Make sure all participants understand each rule before play starts so there’s no confusion mid-game.

-Be prepared for spills on slippery surfaces: provide your players with coasters or towels for traction so there are no slips or accidental slides during playtime!

-Take short breaks in between rounds to refresh drinks, freshen mindsets and allow players who need it extra time before their next turn.

Variations of the game


The traditional version of Beer Cap Plinko involves dropping a beer cap off of the edge of a table and guessing which cup it will end up in after it bounces across the board. But that isn’t the only variation out there, and with a little imagination, you can create your own unique versions. Here are some possible variations:

-Speed Version: Set up a timer before starting and try to get your beer caps in the cups as fast as possible before the time runs out.

-Verbal Version: Each player has to say a word or phrase associated with drinking before they drop their cap.

-One at a Time Version: Players take turns in successively dropping their caps into the same cups, but they must always remember which cup they dropped their own last one into — no peeking allowed!

-Nonsense Version: Go around in a circle saying zany phrases or singing nonsense lyrics while you play — make sure to take a drink for each phrase uttered so you can keep your game going longer.

-High Score Version: The player with the highest points at the end wins. Points can be awarded for completing certain challenges, such as dropping five caps into one specific cup or landing more than five caps in any cup within 10 tries.



Beer cap Plinko is a fun and easy game that anyone can play. The best part is that it’s infinitely customizable and adjustable, so you can create different ways to enjoy the game. Whether you are playing with friends or alone, this game will bring lots of laughs and hours of entertainment. So why wait? Set up your own game today and enjoy unlimited fun with your friends!