The 10 Best European Footballers Right Now- Ranked


We know the football fever that FIFA 2024 has brought with it. It is the last match for many European players before they retire Di Mario, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo, to name some. Hence, this FIFA is more crowd-pulling than ever.  Football fans will never miss a match, be it FIFA or Club league matches.

The European players have football in their blood. European players and players from all over the world who have joined European teams have excelled in their careers as footballers. However, this article will focus on the player who exclusively belongs to European countries like Poland, England, Portugal, etc., and not Brazil or Argentina.

This article lists the 10 best footballers in Europe right now. They are ranked according to their performance in all their matches.

1. Kylian Mbappe


This player performs phenomenally in the matches he plays, be it the World Cup or club league matches. He had a lot of contributions to the last World Cup, as his team was the winner of FIFA 2018.

This 23-year-old player has 80 assists, 165 goals, and five league titles. According to rumors, his final destination is going to be Real Madrid. This club is capable of matching the kind of skills he has.

2. Robert Lewandoski


A great striker of Poland, this player has passed the mark of 30 goals for a Bundesliga season. This player is 33 years old, scored more than 300 goals in the top flight of Germany, and has bagged the record that Gerd Muller held. If he had been given a chance to spend more than two seasons in Bundesliga, he could have achieved the unachievable!

3. Kevin De Bruyne

Currently, the player has established himself as the best-attacking midfielder. Belgium international is a team recognized for its midfield play and is through and through with its intellectual strategy. They have farsightedness when it cmes to the game and a remarkable passing range.

He has also noted his name in a few of the players capable of goals from the midfield. All his teammates are always excited to play with him, much of his ability and high position. He is outshining the Premier League this term and has been in his best form.

He is Belgium’s best player and has also done wonders in FIFA.

4. Karim Benzema


He has always been in the good books, but he has outshined his ways in recent matches. This 34-year-old player one man army had taken Europe by storm before he left for Spain. He has scored hat-tricks for Chelsea and PSG, two of the ferocious teams who are hard to beat.

He is a great goal scorer, and his playing skills inspire the upcoming footballers. He is the one who is invested in the game and thus worthy of the glorious moments that come.

5. Luka Modric


This 36years old player is who you would want to hit the ball when your favorite team is desperate for a goal. He is often called the Benjamine Button of football. This Croatian player is one of the gems that Real Madrid has. He was “The Best FIFA Men’s Player” in 2018 and has been part of 4 FIFA-winning games played by Croatia.

6. Erling Haaland

This player is the most in-form football player that Europe has had in recent times. He is one of the best strikers and the best footballer that football enthusiasts have seen recently.

In the first eight appearances for the club games, he has scored hat-tricks and 19 goals in 12 appearances for the Cityzens.

He has already achieved a lot at the age of 22. Here is another decade left that he will be playing. Fans are expecting a lot from his end. But as a dedicated sportsman, he missed the chance to play FIFA 2024 as Norway did not qualify for the tournament.

7. Ruben Dias


He was the player of the year the Last Season. This young player is changing his patterns with every game; thus, it is becoming hard for the opposition players to track his moves. He plays as a center-back for the Premier League club Manchester United and Portugal’s National Team.

8. Harry Kane

This player has become the team captain for England’s national team. He is an allrounder attacker, and very few people can match his demeanor when it comes to tackling pressure in the field.

9. Virgil van Dijk


The center-back players of Liverpool have turned the team into a winning giant. This player is making a huge difference in playing, and every sports enthusiast who knows football can point out the difference that he is making. He is often regarded as the best defense the world will probably see in the coming years.

10. Thomas Muller

This 32-year-old player has been doing wonders when it comes to playing football. His defense skills are top-notch, and he shreds the opponents into pieces. He is praised for his teamwork. He is an allrounder who has served as a mid-fielder, center-froward, and second striker on both wings. He is one of the most consistent players who is a good goal scorer and an all rpounder.

Honorable Mention

The list will go incomplete if there is no mention of CR7. He is a goal machine and god himself! He plays for the Portugal team and belongs to Manchester United. He has made his team proud, be it Juventus or Real Madrid!


The list is based on certain statistics and according to the popularity of these players. The numbering is not based on their performance level. You might find numerous lists on the internet regarding the best players, but none of them is incorrect. These lists are mainly personal viewpoints.

We hope this article will enrich your knowledge about the players!