Tentacle Dildos and The Tentacle Fetish 

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The tentacle fetish is a type of sexual attraction to the tentacles of cephalopods, most commonly octopuses, but also squid and cuttlefish. These creatures are considered to have some of the most expressive and human-like eyes in the animal kingdom, which may contribute to their popularity as partners for tentacle fans.

Though there’s no official data on how many people have tentacle fetishes, there are several theories about why this fetish exists. The first theory is that it’s a form of paraphilia—a sexual attraction toward unusual objects or situations. Since the octopus looks like a human being with multiple limbs, it’s possible that some people may prefer those appendages over others.

Another theory is that this fetish stems from an evolutionary predisposition: according to evolutionary psychology experts, humans are attracted to things that resemble genitalia because our ancestors were more likely to reproduce with members of their own species if they were able to recognize them by sight.

It’s also possible that tentacle fetishists are simply looking for a sexual partner who can give them more than one orgasm at once!

Do you need to have a tentacle fetish to like tentacle dildos?

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Tentacle dildos are very popular in recent years, alongside others like the monster and dragon dildos. Their popularity is hardly a result of an increase in people who have a tentacle fetish. It is more like the curiosity of people to try and experience new things. Those types of dildos simply present the opportunity to try unearthly shapes, sizes, and textures. You simply can’t find all of those things at once in any other “vanilla” type of adult toy. Therefore, the tentacle dildo category gets all the attention.

This type of toy is also appealing to hentai lovers and “e-girls”. Both e-girls and hentai have increased in popularity in recent years, therefore the popularity of tentacle dildos is rising. It is more of a trend than a fetish, to be honest. However, this trend can bring you intense orgasms.

It will hardly be the first dildo you will ever buy! Tentacle dildos are definitely not a safe choice for newbies, however, if you have tried a couple of toys before and are happy with them, but you just search for that extra oomph in your orgasms, give tentacle dildos a chance.

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What to expect in the future

It is hard to tell! With the recent hype in technology, AI, and robotics, maybe the next hype train will be robot probes or robotic tentacles. It will give a whole new view of the design and give way to new textures that were never tried before. It could also incorporate solutions for the “e-stim” lovers.

It might seem weird, but when you really think about it it is only natural for people to want to experience different things. There is nothing wrong in trying it out. Also, there is nothing wrong if you don’t want to follow along, just don’t ruin the fun for others.

For us, there is nothing left to do than indulge in the current hype around tentacle dildos or stand by and wait for the next thing to come along. Maybe this time it will magically fit our little naughty desires.