9 Strategies to Attract More Visitors to your Exhibition Stand

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Exhibits are a great way to meet new people and practice selling your goods in a competitive setting. On the other hand, competition at trade events can be challenging at times. Every show has a plethora of activities to choose from. Distracting elements like lights, graphics, gifts, and other factors may deter people from stopping by your booth. So, how can you stand out in a crowded exhibition hall and get valuable leads’ attention?

1. Advertise Before The Show

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The number of visitors to your exhibition might be significantly increased by marketing your presence. Utilize official occasion hashtags to participate in the internet-based discussion, and look out for any posts or remarks you could answer and draw in with. Ensure everyone knows if your booth will have engaging games, giveaways for product launches, hot beverages, or cold refreshments.

Remember to keep your social media feeds up to date before, during, and after the show. You can also send out e-newsletters, publish blog articles, and place ads on relevant websites and periodicals. Many guests schedule their days ahead of time and arrive with a set of goals. The more participants see your unique material before the show, the more certain it is that they will search for your exhibition stand when they show up at the scene.

2. Be Visually Attractive

Making your display stand out in a crowded expo requires a unique design, vivid graphics, and compelling content. With lights, colorful graphics, and raised flooring, make sure your booth stands out among the crowd. This will assist your exhibition stand in attracting people’s attention and enticing them to approach it. With so many options for having a creative stand, it’s critical that yours also sends a clear message and reflects your brand. It’s sometimes better to keep things simple. Want to get exhibition stands for your upcoming project? Visit plus-exhibitionstands.com for more details.

3. Befriend Technology

Technology is a powerful tool for grabbing and holding people’s attention. Video, augmented reality, virtual reality, games, iPods and tablets, interactive screens and panels, and triggered technology are just some technologies that can be implemented into your stand to make your business, products, and services more engaging and immersive. Technology will make your booth more exciting, immersive, and interesting, luring more visitors in for a closer look, more information, or a try.

4. Keep In Mind Your Existing Customers

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Don’t count on established customers to come to your booth. Make sure they have a solid reason to see you because their time is limited. Offering excellent gifts is one method to accomplish this. Make sure you give them something worth keeping, like portable chargers or reusable coffee mugs, because their bags will likely be full of pens and keychains that will probably end up in the trash right after the show. Discounts on your products or services are also an option. This will strengthen the existing relationship and make your customers feel more important. Also, don’t forget to change your email signature to help spread the news! To grab attention, use the show logo and your stand number.

5. Have Friendly Staff

You should invest in your staff in the same way you invest in your show booth. Select members of your team who are knowledgeable and approachable to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Your exhibition personnel should be well-versed in communicating with potential customers. They must be able to approach individuals in a polite and instructive manner rather than dominating or pressuring them.

Develop a strategy for when people come to the stand with your team. They must be able to communicate effectively with both guests and potential customers. Your employees must also be well-versed in your industry to comfortably discuss your products and services. This comprises a professional yet friendly uniform or dress code. Instead of remaining seated behind a desk, encourage them to get up and move around the room.

6. Hold Giveaways

At trade and consumer exhibitions, giveaways are a big hit. Free things appeal to people, but they must be worthwhile. Giveaways, when done correctly, can help ensure that your attendees remember your company. Consider who your target audience is and what they like before deciding on a freebie that will appeal to them. Your gift ought to likewise help your organization. Getting something consequently, for example, an email address or a planned group/call is superb.

7. Offer Refreshments

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Visitors will be exhausted and hungry after a few hours of touring around the show. You don’t have to go all out; a simple bowl of different chocolates is an excellent budget-friendly option. You can also benefit from hot drinks or bottled water because it allows you to engage the guest in conversation while sipping their beverage. According to studies, clients are 70% more likely to visit you if you provide snacks and drinks.

8. Engaging Activities

Don’t allow people to leave your stand without participating. If people have a meaningful interaction with your booth, they are more likely to remember your company. Passersby can connect with your show stand through activities and games. Competitions are another way to encourage people to communicate with one another; it can also assist if the reward is tied to your company or its products so that you can market them even more. Try to persuade attendees to like your Facebook page or tweet about your product as part of the activity, whatever you want to do to engage your audience.

9. Create A Soothing Environment

Some visitors may find the clamor and commotion of the festivities overwhelming. Tons of sales pitches are constantly broadcast to attendees. You can entice people to come to your booth by creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Maintain a simple and accessible display. Include seating locations that are comfortable. Attendees will be more likely to stop by if your booth offers a place to relax and unwind throughout the event. Offering hot beverages, such as coffee, is another effective strategy for drawing in more guests and engaging them in conversation.


Use these tactics to stand out from the crowd, attract more attendees, and boost your event’s return on investment. Remember to stand out from the crowd; you’ll be up against hundreds of other comparable businesses, so thinking outside the box is the greatest approach to stand out.