Metal Surface Treatment Killer – Shot Blasting Machine


If you work in the heavy machinery or heavy metal industry, you may have heard of shot blasting machines. But what exactly are them? What are they used for?

What is shot blasting machine?

Shot blasting machines are fast crafts for cleaning, strengthening or polishing metal surfaces. It is a machine for metal finishing by air compression or wheel system. Almost every industry uses this technique to treat metals or repair their degradation. Once the small particles of dust are ejected from the gun, they rub against an area and give it a fine layer without land or pits.

What industries are shot blasting machines often used for?

With its sufficiently powerful surface preparation and cleaning methods, shot blasting machines are used in most industries. Such as construction industry, foundry, shipbuilding, automobile industry and so on.

What are the main methods of cleaning the surface of the shot blasting machine?


The working mode of shot blasting machine is mainly through compressed air and centrifugal turbine.

Compressed air is usually suitable for machines that are relatively flexible but have low output. The compressed air system is flexible enough to deliver the projectile horizontally through a rubber hose and nozzle assembly. It is a finishing method of steel frames and welds. Because it is powerful and delicate, the price of the pneumatic shot blasting machine for the production line is generally expensive.

The centrifugal wheel shot blasting machine is a common cleaning system for the metal surface of shot blasting, and it is also the most important, effective and environmentally friendly craft. Turbines generate projectiles by centrifugal force in a specific manner, at a controlled rate and in a controlled number. A shot blast machine can use more than just one turbine, and the number of turbines used in the machine often depends on the shape and size of the components.

What is the shot blasting machine generally used to clean?

Shot blasting machine is usually used for:

Dust removal of metal surfaces such as iron, aluminum, steel and forgings.

Sheet, bar and coil material cleaning.

Increase the working time limit of the spring and gear in the machine.

Provide a surface similar to paint for some machines.

What do we need to know before buying a shot blasting machine?


If you’re looking to buy a shot blasting machine for your business, there is a few things you need to consider.

The first thing to consider is the size of the machine. You need to make sure that the machine you choose is big enough to accommodate the parts or surfaces you want to treat. At the same time your business has enough room to accommodate the machine of your choice.

Another important factor is the type of metal you will be working with. Some metals are harder than others and require a more powerful blast to achieve the desired results.

You should also consider the noise level of the machine. Some machines are louder than others and may not be suitable for use in indoor environments.

And then, make sure you have someone that can operate the machine safely and effectively.

Finally, you need to consider your budget and choose a machine that fits within your financial constraints. There are machines available for all budgets, so there is no need to compromise on quality or performance.

When choosing a shot blasting machine, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure you select the right one for your need. With the right machine, you can achieve superior results in a fraction of the time it would take using other finishing methods.

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