How to Score 100000 Points in Nightfall in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 game is according to many players incredibly magical and entertaining. The game looks so good, and it comes with so many amazing features. You can play this game for hours and not get bored by it. You can enjoy discovering the game on your own or you can choose to connect with other players. For the one online game, Destiny 2 provides everything that you need if you are a passionate game player.

What you can expect from the Destiny 2 game in short?

In the game, you get a wide range of exciting cutscenes and missions that are very entertaining. Every new mission comes with stronger enemies and bosses. They are not so difficult for one player to complete, but logically it is much faster to complete missions with a team of three players. The goal of the game is to increase your power level. Each level is attached to some gear piece.

The power level presents the average of all your equipped weapons and armor. The story and the content of the game became more and more interesting while you are playing and unlocking new endgame missions. Those endgame questlines are incredibly fantastic and they all provide the players with new great weapons.


In the game, there are two most popular activities that all players commonly enjoy. Those are the raid and the nightfall activity. The weekly nightfall is actually a higher-level version of a normal strike but it comes with a specific twist. You can expect that every few seconds a different elemental damage type will get a damage boost.

Therefore, you will need constantly to watch what type of damage is active. Of course, you are having weapons to deal with those damages. We are going to point out that the raid and nightfall activities in this game have no matchmaking. This means that you need to find a group of players on your own. In the case of nightfall activity, you are going to need 3 players, while in raid you should look for 6 players.

When it comes to the nightfall mission in Destiny 2, the most difficult part is scoring 100,000 points. Since many players are facing this problem, we decided to help you to achieve this goal easily and effectively.

So, how does scoring the 100000 points in Nightfall in Destiny 2 work?

Scoring 100 000 points in Destiny 2 Nightfall strikes is a very long process, however, strikes are very straightforward. In general, for those who do not know nightfall strikes come on a regular basis, and they have score counter as well as modifiers that make the prime PvE activity more challenging for overcoming at higher levels.

Many people become overwhelmed by this challenge, so they give up. However, there is a reason why you should preserve through these higher levels. The thing you do not know is that the higher you score in this Destiny 2 Nightfall activity, the better the loot is going to be. This is highly beneficial for your gameplay.


Basically, some of the weekly challenges that you are going to come across in this Nightfall will require you to push yourself to higher levels. The first weekly challenge task that you will face will require you to achieve a total 100 000 points but in multiple runs. After that, in the second weekly challenge, you will be required to achieve a total 100 000 point score in one single run. With the first weekly challenge, you will not have so many problems.

In fact, you will easily complete it as long as you are persistent to play those multiple Nightfall strikes in one week. However, the second weekly challenge is making things difficult for all players.

Now, how you can achieve the goal of scoring 100 000 Points in Nightfall?

In order to achieve this goal and to get a total amount of required points in a single run, you will primarily have to attempt this challenge on Legend or master difficulty level. Basically, the score multipliers that you are going to see there are going to be good enough for you to help you achieve the total amount of points. Now, let’s explain how you should overcome the obstacle that appears here.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the matchmaking feature of the game is turned off at both of these levels. This means that you are going to create a fire team of three guardians before you can start playing the night strike mode.

Additionally, you should know that the power levels for both of these difficulty levels are positioned at 1320 and 1350. Therefore, we suggest you invest a lot of effort to reach those power levels before you can start indulging yourself in Nightfall adventure. What you need to do is to ensure that you are having an adequate look at the modifiers. Also, you need to sort your loadout in the right order.


One important thing that you should know about is that your equipment is locked at the very beginning of this adventure both on Master and Legend levels. This means you will not be able to change anything. After you prepare everything and set it in the order you just need to complete the entire activity within a particular set time limit of 20 minutes.

It is not a problem that the activity is going to end if you do not manage to finish everything in 20 minutes. Once you cross that time limit, you will start to lose your points. This means that even did you score around 100 000 points at some point during the Nightfall mission, you will still start to lose points in case you take too long to finish.

We know that this is a very difficult challenge and you should prepare yourself to be patient enough to repeat it a few times. However, it will surely be worth it in the end! In case you still have problems and you lose your temper, you can find an effective boosting alternative. If you are interested in this option, you should know that you can destiny 2 nightfall carry discover here and make things easier for yourself!