How To Know If Your Samsung Spares Or Replacement Parts Are Genuine?


Looking for a reliable Samsung parts supplier? This blog has all the answers! Find out what signs to look for to ensure you’re only getting genuine Samsung spares or replacement parts – no knock-offs allowed!

Benefits of Using Genuine Samsung Parts

When it comes time to repair or upgrade your Samsung device, it is extremely important to use genuine Samsung parts. While generic or third-party options may seem appealing in terms of price, there are several advantages of using official components from the manufacturer.

The first benefit of using genuine Samsung parts is that these products are designed to meet the exact specifications and quality required by the device. If you are looking for genuine parts for this brand, then you should definitely check out Steve’s Appliance Spares. You can rest assured that the part will fit correctly and you won’t inadvertently damage any electronics or circuitry during installation. Additionally, these original parts feature up-to-date hardware technology which can help update a device’s performance and capabilities.

Additionally, when purchasing OEM components, you get quality assurance due to their factory tests that they must pass in order to be deemed worthy for use on your phone or tablet. Furthermore, as part of your warranty agreement with this brand, you may be eligible for free repairs and replacements if something goes wrong with an officially sanctioned part. Finally, should any unforeseen issues arise after installing an OEM part, you can rely on support from experienced engineers at certified service centers around the world who specialize in these devices and parts. With all these benefits combined, it makes sense to use genuine spare parts from the manufacturer whenever possible.

Identifying Genuine Samsung Spares and Replacement Parts


Buying original spare and replacement parts can give you the peace of mind that they are designed specifically for your Samsung devices. Genuine parts carry the official branding from it. It is important to note that some unauthorised resellers may use the same packaging as Samsung but these are counterfeit copies of the genuine product.

There are a number of methods you can use to make sure the spare or replacement parts you buy are genuine:

  • It’s best to only shop with authorised Samsung resellers who will provide an authentication code on invoice.
  • To make sure your authentication code is valid, enter it into our website or contact us directly and we can confirm whether it matches our records.
  • Additionally, we recommend checking any online reviews before purchasing from an online store, as this will give you a good indication of their reputation and quality standards.
  • It’s also important to check any images provided by the retailer – they should accurately reflect what’s presented in the packaging – anything else is likely an imitation product which could cause further damage to your device if installed incorrectly or have other negative side effects like decreased performance.
  • Genuine spares and replacement parts should also be covered by a warranty when purchased directly from us or one of our authorised resellers so make sure this is included with your purchase before buying.

Signs of Fake Samsung Spares and Replacement Parts


Fake spares and replacement parts can put your device at risk of failure or potential safety hazards. It is important to identify genuine products so that you can protect both your investment and possibly yourself.

Below is a list of signs that may indicate that Samsung spares or replacements parts are counterfeit:

  • No proof of warranty from an authorized Samsung retailer or distributor
  • Significant price differences compared to retail outlets
  • Badly wrapped packaging
  • Poor quality construction materials used for parts
  • Inaccurate documentation regarding specifications and components
  • Unusual markings and fonts on labels associated with the products
  • Excessively low prices compared to market standard
  • Instructions present in a language other than English.

Tips for Purchasing Genuine Samsung Spares and Replacement Parts

If you are looking to buy spares or replacement parts for your Samsung device, it is important to make sure that the products you purchase are genuinely from the manufacturer. By buying genuine Samsung spares and replacement parts, you can be sure you are getting quality products that provide safe and reliable performance.

In order to purchase genuine Samsung products, there are certain steps you should take when ordering spares or replacement parts. Here is a list of tips that can help make sure you get genuine Samsung parts:

  • Check if the part is made by Samsung or if it is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product. Genuine Samsung products can easily be identified by their trademark logo.
  • Check where the product was manufactured. All genuine Samsung spare and replacement parts will be marked with “Made in Korea” or “Made in Vietnam”.
  • Look for online sites or retailers with an established presence in the industry and good customer ratings. This may indicate they are only stocking genuine products from known sources.
  • Seek help from customer service options offered by your seller so as to confirm whether your choice of spare / replacement part is original and authentic before buying it.
  • Read reviews before placing an order for a particular spare/replacement part so as to get a more accurate idea about what customers think about their experience with the website/retailer in question before purchasing anything from them.
  • Investigate returns and warranties policies offered by different suppliers both online as well as offline so that any faulty/damaged items can be exchanged/returned if required.


When it comes to their spares and replacement parts, you should always opt for genuine items so that you are assured of maximum quality and performance. Doing your research before making a purchase is key – check customer reviews, ask questions, and look for stockists with a good reputation. Genuine parts will be good value in the long-run as they often come with warranties, while low-cost alternatives may turn out to be a false economy.

It’s also best to avoid second-hand or refurbished items unless they can be authenticated. Buying authentic Samsung products will ensure peace of mind and excellent quality at all times.