5 Preventative Maintenance Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

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Plumbing problems can take up a huge amount of your time, energy and money, so it just makes sense to think about them in time and prevent them from happening at all. The way to achieve this is to regularly maintain your plumbing system in order to minimize the chances of any breakdowns and damage that would require more serious commitment and professional help.

Maintaining a household is not an easy task, but it is necessary if you want everything to work smoothly most of the time. If you are not an expert in this field – do not worry. There are many experts out there who share their knowledge with people to help them prevent numerous plumbing problems. If you want to hear a few helpful preventive maintenance plumbing tips for homeowners keep reading.

  1. The organization is critical

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A useful thing you can do in order to make sure everything goes smoothly when it comes to maintaining your plumbing system is to be well organized. Like with everything else, the organization is critical. This means that you want to keep a record of all the tasks you have done in your household to know what happened to your water supply network before, as well as how much time has passed since your last maintenance task.

Time passes quickly, so it may seem as if you have recently inspected your pipes and leaks, only to finally conclude that it has been months. Find a notebook that you will use for your plumbing tasks and make sure you keep a regular record of everything to keep up with your maintenance schedule.

  1. Check the old pipes in your home regularly

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Depending on how old your home is, you can already conclude how much time is left until the old pipes need to be replaced with new ones. However, you may not be able to afford this work at the moment, or you simply do not have the time, which is okay. But we definitely recommend checking the old pipes regularly to make sure there are no leaks.

Depending on the material they are made of, pipes can be prone to internal rust, or they can be attacked by roots. In both cases, eventually these changes will lead to a burst of the pipe or, in a slightly better case, an unbearable reduction in water pressure. That’s why you want to detect all the damage to the old pipes before this outcome occurs.

Defective plumbing pipes can be treated in several ways, for example: you can coat them with a layer of epoxy that will leave old pipes in place, but prevent further leaks. Another option is pipe bursting, where the old pipe is replaced with a new one.

Of course, if you are completely unfamiliar with plumbing tasks and feel that you do not have necessary skills in this area, it is a good idea to seek professional help and have experts who will carry out all important tasks for you. At lpgs.com.au you can read more about Adelaide plumbing services that can help you with any plumbing problems in your household.

  1. Make sure you clean your faucets and showerheads in time

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A simple task that you can (and should) perform on a regular basis is cleaning faucets and showerheads. This will prevent major plumbing problems in the long run, and it will only take you a few minutes each week. In case you do not clean your faucets and showerheads, sediment will accumulate on them, which will prevent the proper flow of water. And when the water does not flow optimally, it means that it will go somewhere else – and lead to leaks in the whole system.

Why would you cause such serious problems in your home just because of your negligence and postponement of simple maintenance tasks? Once a week, make a solution of vinegar and baking soda with which you will thoroughly clean your faucets and showerheads and ensure that water flows smoothly through them and does not lead to leaks in the system.

  1. Check water pressure once a week

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Another useful plumbing tip for all homeowners is to check your water pressure regularly, which means: check your tap water pressure around your home at least once a week. To complete this task successfully you will need a pressure gauge and a little good will.

The water pressure should always be strong enough, and large variations should not occur. If you notice that the water pressure has dropped sharply in a short time period during cold days, it could be a sign of frozen pipes. And if this is the case, you need to take the necessary measures immediately and call experts to solve this problem.

  1. If you suspect that something strange is happening with the plumbing system in your home, call experts in time

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Finally, the last preventive maintenance plumbing tip for all homeowners is that if they notice that something strange is happening with the plumbing system in their home, they should immediately call professionals to check what is happening. What we definitely do not recommend is waiting for a catastrophe to finally call the plumbers.

DIY tasks are fine, but if you’re not familiar with this area and don’t know what’s going on, it’s a better idea to contact experts and make sure you prevent some more serious problems. Experts will help you quickly and efficiently detect plumbing problems and solve them permanently.


Regular household maintenance includes performing preventive maintenance plumbing tasks to ensure that everything is in order with your plumbing system. Experts in this field recommend that you keep a record of your plumbing maintenance tasks to keep up with optimal dynamics, as well as to regularly check the old pipes in your home for leaks.

Clean your faucets and showerheads once a week with a solution of vinegar and baking soda and check the water pressure in your home equally often. Lastly, if you suspect that something strange is happening with the plumbing system, we suggest you call the plumbers immediately to help you solve the problem quickly and efficiently and prevent disasters.