Plumbing Emergencies that Require a Plumber

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Everyone has experienced plumbing issues at least once in their lives, and in most cases, these problems are small and you can get them fixed on your own without any special tools, skills, or knowledge. However, there are also those problems that can cause even bigger damage if you don’t do them correctly, and most people are not able to fix these issues without the aid of a professional service.

In this article, we are going to list some of the plumbing emergencies that require a plumber. Keep on reading what the warning signs are, what the problem may be, and how will the professional help you deal with the difficulty you are facing.

You don’t have hot water in your home

Not having hot water in your home is something we’ve all experienced, and more often than not it happens because there was an issue with the electricity, or there is a problem with the heater. This happening once is completely okay and there is no reason for concern, but if you see that there is no hot water constantly, and no matter how long the heater is on, or no matter the make and model you are using, you need to call a professional service. There can be a lot of reasons why this could be happening, and even though usually this problem can be fixed with ease, sometimes you need to act as soon as possible so you don’t end up with an even bigger problem.

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There are visible damages on the pipes

If you can see visible damages on your piping system including rust, holes, or water leaking, then this is a sign that you need to get them fixed or replaced. The reason why you should never ignore this sign is that if you don’t act as soon as possible, the pipes may burst and that means they will cause even bigger damage. Even if they don’t burst, there is a risk of leaking, and leaks can lead to mold and mildew. Note that you can also notice pests and insects hiding in the parts where the pipes are damaged, and this is also a great place where bacteria will appear and multiply.

The place has a musty smell

Another thing that you can notice if there is an issue with your piping system is a musty smell. These odors usually appear when there is trapped moisture or mold in your household. If you notice this odor coming from your kitchen or your bathroom, you should not ignore it. It is usually a warning sign about something worse including blocked pipes, damages in the system, or clogged drains.

On websites like, you can see that a professional service can easily help you get a diagnosis for the issue, they will give you a quote on how much fixing everything will be, and they can also get the issue fixed for you promptly and properly.

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There are water leaks

Sometimes we can notice a drop of water here and there, in places where it should not be, but more often than not, there is no room for concerns and you should not be worried that there is a problem with the piping system. Nevertheless, if you can notice water leaks in different places in your home, especially the kitchen and the bathroom, and if you can even see water gathering under some of the appliances, you need to get this inspected right away. More often than not the reason is damage to the system, but it can also be blocked, or there may be an issue with some of the appliances.

The water is a different color

Have you noticed that after coming back from a long vacation and you turn the faucet on, in some cases the water can have light red color or a darkish brown one? This is happening because the pipes may be old, and the water was stuck there, it became stale, and with time, it got the color of the pipes and the rust. This is not something that you should be too concerned about, but you should talk to a professional about it.

However, if the color of the water changes all the time, and if you can notice colors and unpleasant odors every time you turn the faucet or the shower on, you have to call the service as soon as possible.

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The system is blocked

When the piping system is blocked or clogged it means that you need to call a plumber. In some cases, you can try to unclog it using some special products and tools, but more often than not, it is better to leave this task to people who know how to diagnose the issue and how to find the solution. Note that if you try to do it on your own, and you fail, you risk damaging the whole system and making a much bigger mess than before.

You can see water backing up

You should never ignore this if it happens, and the water that’s backing up is a huge sign that you need to call a professional. When the drain is clogged and when there is something blocking the pathway, the water will find the nearest exit to penetrate out. This may be the drain, the sink, even faucets, and toilets.

Note that more often than not it will not be just water coming out but also other debris and waste that has gone in. This can be the cause of mold, mildew, and even burst pipes, so make sure that you react as soon as you notice water where it is not supposed to be. Make sure you call the plumber right away because if you don’t, the water that’s backing up can cause serious problems in your household.

These are some of the emergencies where you have you call a plumber without delaying the call. Don’t try to get these things done on your own because all of them require special tools and equipment not only to fix but also to get the right and proper diagnosis. Make sure you talk to the service about the issues you are facing, any other signs that you have noticed, and choose a reliable plumber with the needed certificates and skills.