5 Nails Essentials You Need To Start Doing Manicures At Home 

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If you are a fan of a beautiful manicure, then you know that regular maintenance of nails in that condition can be quite expensive. And many girls already see the option of investing in equipment themselves and doing their nails at home. Is that possible? Basically, all the necessary items are easily available, so you can buy them in specialized stores or order online.

On MelodySusie you can find examples of equipment that would be useful if you decide to do your own nails at home. But basically, you need these things:

1. Nail clipper

Choose quality nail polish so you can shape your nails. Buy a professional nail clipper if you already have gel or artificial nails, so that you can trim them more easily and not damage your natural nail.

2. Nail polish remover

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Invest in a more expensive remover, so you can also remove stubborn nail polish or gels. This way you will not damage your nail with a file, nor will you injure the skin of the cuticles.

3. Nail buffers with different granulation

Nail buffers are an indispensable part of every manicure set. Choose different types, for fine and rough nail processing. If you plan to use gel then you will need coarser files to shape in less time.

Buy multiple nail buffers and be careful not to use one for too long, as they leave bits of nail and skin on them. Change them often, especially if you also do manicures for your friends.

4. Nail coats and treatments

The base coat that is applied to the nail actually prepares it for the application of gel or nail polish. Use a base coat that is rich in vitamins and stimulates the renewal of the nail.

Choose the main layer, whether it is modeling gel or the most common nail polish. You can choose professional varnishes, to get a lasting effect and care. And of course, don’t forget the top coat that will seal the manicure and create exceptional durability.

5. Cuticle care

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The skin around the nails is very delicate and you can easily injure it during the manicure. Therefore, use sticks to push the skin towards the root of the nail, rather than cutting, to avoid injury and infection.

And of course, don’t forget the care for the cuticles before and after the manicure. Use nourishing and nourishing oils, because you can easily do damage, knowing that sometimes small wounds are created that can be very painful indeed.

Final words

Nail care is also possible at home, as is a manicure. If it’s too expensive for you to go for a correction every few weeks, then you can easily do a manicure at home yourself. We recommend you focus on quality products and not buy products that may harm your health.

Of course, if you want, you can also visit manicure training. Who knows, maybe it will work for you and you will manage to create a small business from your talent. Whatever you decide, we wish you luck and of course, get at least these items that we have listed as your starter set.