Men Stop Dating and Buy Smart Sex Dolls: What to Consider When Choosing a Model


Welcome to the world of convenience and companionship! If you’re tired of the hassle of traditional dating, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore why smart sex dolls are becoming the perfect choice for men looking for a low-maintenance relationship. Let’s get started!

Types of Sex Dolls

With advancements in technology, the types of sex dolls now available have increased from lifeless mannequins to almost realistic humans. While some people may be interested in having a sex doll with just basic features such as those found in classic mannequins, others might want a more sophisticated and realistic product. The wide range of sex dolls now being produced caters to different preferences, needs, and budgets.

All-body sex dolls come in one complete human body with various body parts depending on the model. For example, some models may come with removable vaginas or penises customized to the buyer’s specifications. Real Size Dolls are usually made using silicon material – although higher-end models may contain mixed materials – that give them a lifelike feel and movement when touched or hugged. This type of doll is recommended for those looking for a complete sexual experience from intercourse to cuddling and caressing.

Partial Sex Dolls are generally not as expansive or expensive as all-body types yet offer all the essential physical human components for sexual pleasure such as breasts and genitalia that have been designed according to customer preferences (e.g: size, shape, etc). They come with or without heads – this means their faces remain featureless when compared to all-body models that have actual facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc – thus providing further customization options for those wanting only certain parts of the doll’s body.

Introducing advanced technology into pleasure products has also led to the creation of AI sex dolls – these models offer some kind of interactivity through the ability to recognize voice commands (vocal recognition), movements (sensors), and even responses (AI programming speaking) during sexual acts; which enhances user’s experiences exponentially!

Reasons Men Are Choosing Them Over Dating


There are many reasons why men now choose to invest in a sex doll rather than date a human companion. Many men find that, due to their personal circumstances or life choices, it is more practical for them to own a sex doll than pursue a relationship. Men may not have time for dating as they pursue other interests like career advancement or travel and owning a doll allows them to avoid the complications of relationships and still experience pleasure. The cost of ownership is also much lower than the costs associated with traditional dating.

Other men turn to them because they struggle with social anxiety, lack confidence, and/or find it difficult to connect with people on an emotional level. They may feel that they don’t meet society’s standards of attractiveness or are too shy in person, leaving them feeling rejected and unwanted by potential partners. A smart sex doll provides companionship without feeling exposed or judged.

Some men choose this option out of convenience; it eliminates the hassle of the initial courtship process – no awkward communication barriers, no need for courting activities like dinner dates and movie theaters (they are already ready for your needs). There’s also no pressure from potential partners who might be looking for long-term commitment when you’re only interested in physical intimacy without any complications.

Whatever your reasons may be, choosing a smart sex doll provides casual physical intimacy without the stress or complications that come with traditional dating.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Doll


Before you decide to purchase a sex doll, it’s important to consider some of the factors that can help you make an informed decision. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and understanding your priorities is the key to finding one that you’ll be happy with for many years.

One of the most important things to consider is whether you want your doll to be anatomically correct or whether you prefer a more abstract design. Anatomically correct sex dolls offer realism but can be costly and complex due to their realistic features and details. Abstract models are usually less expensive and generally require less cleaning and maintenance than their anatomically correct counterparts.

If you want your doll to look like a real person, then buy one with realistic features such as eyes, eyelashes, hair, skin pigment, genitalia, etc., while abstract dolls often feature cartoon-like faces and bodies that do not represent any specific individual in particular.

You should also consider how easy or difficult it will be for you to care for the doll over time; anatomically correct models require regular maintenance such as cleaning the body parts with soap and disinfectant; this may involve applying lubrication on different body parts from time to time as well. While it’s not impossible for someone who loves their doll deeply enough, many new owners find themselves overwhelmed by the idea of caring for an expensive piece of technology when they purchase their first smart sex doll.

Another factor worth considering is size: while some people prefer smaller sizes because they’re easier to transport or store discretely at home or work, others may desire larger sizes because they provide extra comfort during intercourse or simulated cuddle sessions. Consider carefully what size would work best for your needs before making a purchase decision. Finally, if possible try out different models in person so that you can get an idea of what feels good against your body before committing financially.



In conclusion, the increasing availability of high-tech and intelligent sex dolls is impacting the dating scene in many areas of the world. Men who may not be as successful in traditional dating scenarios now have an alternative option that can help them achieve their romantic and sexual desires. These advanced robots are able to provide companionship and physical intimacy that some men may find difficult to attain with a human partner.

However, this technology comes at a price, both financially and ethically, so it is important for consumers to be mindful of the potential implications when making such a purchase. Ultimately, smart sex dolls may provide some people with the companionship they seek but it is up to each individual to decide if it is right for them.