Notice Your Libido Lacking During Winter? Here’s How to Get It Back!

Do you still suffer from a dwindling winter sex drive even though the cold days are long gone? Good news; there’s still time to get your libido back before summer fully sets in. Today’s guide will explain why you might not feel like having sex during the winter months and what to do to change that.

Why is Sex Drive in Winter Lower?

Most people’s sex drive in winter doesn’t rise to their expectations. Here’s why you might struggle to get aroused when it’s cold outside:

1. You experience decreased mood

Since we spend half of the winter days in darkness, our bodies are deprived of vitamin D, which makes us more tired and more likely to feel down. If you frequently experience negative emotions and don’t feel well-rested, it’s understandable you might not be in the mood to have sex.

2. Lower temperature

You can forget about having adventurous sex in the park or at the beach during the cold winter months. Even taking clothes off in your bedroom might sometimes be too extreme when the temperature drops below 0. When sex equals discomfort, you might have less motivation to do it.

3. You might be suffering from SAD


SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder and is a form of depression that one suffers from during the autumn and winter months. If you’re diagnosed with this condition, in addition to the low mood, you might experience increased irritability, disturbed sleep, feeling more tearful, and loss of pleasure, so it’s probably the reason behind your winter sex drive.

4. There’s more pressure not to be single

Winter months are commonly known as the cuddle season, and while it’s nice to warm yourself up with someone else’s body, it also means you might feel more pressured to find a partner even if you otherwise enjoy being single. The more under pressure you are, the more your stress increases causing a reduction in your sex drive.

How to Get your Libido Back?

Luckily, the winter months are behind us, and warmer days are just around the corner. But the bad news is that spending more time in the sun isn’t enough to get your libido back and kiss your winter sex drive goodbye. You’ll need to take better care of your body and bring excitement back to your sex life.

Here’s how to naturally increase your sex drive just in time for spring and summer:

1. Try to socialize more


One of the reasons why your libido is low during the winter months is also that cold weather makes you less likely to go out and meet new people. And I’m not talking about visiting your Tinder hook up but about mingling with strangers and finding a connection with someone that makes your desire instantly increase. Becoming more sociable will not only make it more likely for you to meet your future partner but will also improve your mood because people are social creatures and need to bond with others.

2. Include exercise in your routine

Preferably in the sun so you can kill two birds with one stone and benefit from both the vitamin D and the exercise itself. So why can working out improve your winter sex drive? Studies show that physical activity improves your cardiovascular function, which means the blood can reach your genitals more efficiently and make you feel aroused as a result. It doesn’t matter if you prefer aerobic exercise or strength training much – even taking daily walks will have a positive influence on your libido as it will improve your mood so remember to get your daily dose.

3. Do something out of your comfort zone

Spring is a time for new beginnings and experimentation, so why not bring the excitement back and try something new? It doesn’t even have to be anything sexual because the more excited you are about life in general, the more aroused you’ll typically get. For example, sign up for a class or go traveling by yourself. And if you do want to make it sexual, consider exploring a new kink or changing the way you usually have sex. For example, even though the idea of being dominant might not appeal to you, it’s still fun to try at least once and can be really empowering.

4. Remember to masturbate


Even if you aren’t in the mood, remember to masturbate once in a while, as it can improve your well-being and might be just what you need to turn your winter sex drive into a memory. And if you want to spice things up, take advantage of the good weather and experiment in public. For example, you can play with yourself at the beach or take your remote control vibrator with you during otherwise mundane errands – all you have to do is cover yourself with a towel and be as discreet as possible, and no one will be able to tell.

5. Experiment with sex toys

If your sex drive is low, it might be time to make sure that your body gets the pleasure it deserves. The easiest way to upgrade your sensuality is to purchase V For Vibes sex toys for women explicitly designed to help you explore your body and experiment with different sensations. Even if you already own sex toys, it’s never a bad idea to buy some more, especially since each design might vary even if the purpose is the same. For example, different kinds of vibrators have a different feel to them and come with various functions that can improve your orgasm.

6. Work on your confidence

If you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s no wonder you aren’t in the mood to have sex. Even if the only person you have sex with is your partner who cares about you, sex is also very physical, and if you don’t think you look sexy, your body will interpret it as a lack of desire. To work on your confidence, tell yourself you’re beautiful every single day. Don’t let yourself have anything negative to say about your appearance and if such thoughts arise, simply tell yourself they aren’t true. A good idea is also to wear lingerie just for yourself and learn how to focus on things you like about your body as opposed to things you don’t like.

7. Improve your diet


Say adios to your winter sex drive with a summer diet. It doesn’t matter if you eat unhealthy food here and there but try to include as many fruits and vegetables in your meals as possible. Remember, it’s not about having the ‘summer body’; it’s about doing things to make you feel good, and adding more vitamins to your diet will definitely help. Pay attention to which foods are aphrodisiacs, too – for example, bananas and avocados are known to increase one’s sex drive.

8. Learn to relieve stress

The best way to invite more positivity into your life is to learn how to relax. To reduce stress, try listening to a guided meditation that includes elements of hypnosis and breathing exercises. Practice regularly, and you’ll see positive effects in no time. You can even do it on a walk or while lying on the beach when the temperature increases.