How To Keep Your Christmas Figurines From Breaking In 7 Simple Steps


What is the best thing about Christmas? (Obviously, Santa Clause!) The zest of being in the comforts of your home, spending time with your family, and decorating your home sweet home. With the festive seasons knocking on the door and the holidays starting, you must be very busy planning your Christmas eve and decorating your house.

People often try to do something new every year for decoration, but the alarmingly high rates of Christmas decorations can dig a hole in your pocket. We should get accustomed to the idea of reusing. Some Christmas figures, like the bottle brush Christmas trees, gingerbread man, angels, etc., can be used again and again.

Invest in sustainable figurines rather than cheap plastic ones, and you are good to go each year decorating your house and flaunting in on the Gram. You can get some really fun christmas figurines online.

1. Securely Packing The Christmas Tree


If you are a real tree person, you can skip this part, but if you like using reusable trees for your Christmas decoration, this point is indeed very important. To ensure that you can use the tree year after year, you have to store it correctly.

Storing it correctly will ensure the tree does not get disfigured and discolored. You can wrap the tree in newspaper and tie it with strings or secure them with rubber bands. After that, store it inside a cardboard box.

If you have a trolley or storage bag to spare, you can keep the tree inside that bag.

If your tree came in a box, do not throw it away, you can store it indie the box. Keep the box in a dry place. Ensure that there is no moisture or dampness at the storage place, or your tree might get attacked by pests.

2. Christmas Lights


All of us, at some point in our lives, are bothered by the tangles and knots of the lights. The best way to detangle is to have patience and wisdom like Yoda or give up the entire operation.

However, we have come up with some storage ideas that will save you from the tangles next year.

Use pringle Tubes: You can carefully roll the lights and keep them inside the tube packs that you get with pringles. It keeps the lights secure without further movement.

Wrapping Paper: If you have finished up your kitchen towel roll or wrapping paper roll, do not throw away the cardboard tube that is inside the paper roles. Wrap the lights in that roll and keep it safe in some place.

Use A Cloth Hanger: Hangers can be your saviors this Christmas; after you are done with the celebration, make a point to hang the lights on the cloth hangers. It will ensure that the lights do not get clumsy and tangled.

3. Wreaths


Due to the shape and size of the wreaths, it is not easy to store them. The best way to store them is much similar to the way you opted for storing the trees.

Taken them down from the places they were hanging and later wrapped them with cloth, newspaper, or wrapping papers. Do not warp it tightly, or the decorative pieces might get hampered. After wrapping, sure it is with cello tape or strings.

Choose a box that is big enough to store it. Place them inside the boxes and keep them in a dry place.

3. Artificial Garlands


You need to choose optimal storage for storing the garlands. Stung the branches inwards after removing the light if you have attached any. You can either wrap them with paper or fold them, and it will ensure that there are no tangles whatsoever. Or if you do not have that amount of newspaper, then fold the garlands and then wrap them with newspapers.

4. Ceramic Figurines


Ceramic figurines will adorn your mantle. While packing them, buy some bubble wrap or thermoforms. Wraps the figurines and keep them inside a cardboard box. Place thermoforms between figurines so that they do not collide and break.

5. Gift Wrapping Supplies

Another exciting thing about Christmas is getting and giving gifts. The store might demand an extra charge if you ask them to gift wrap the item you have bought. Onsted doing it yourself will save you some bucks!

Buy ribbons, decorative flowers, and ribbons, and ensure that you buy them in bulk. It will be cheaper that way and could be used further. Buying them in bulk will also save you time the next year.

But one problem that you might face is how to store them. Keep them in a bag in different envelopes. And label the baggage.

5. Basic Packing Materials


For all the packing that is mentioned above, you will need packing supplies. By reading the packing tips, you must have figured that cardboard boxes and newspapers will be your savior. Here is a mini list of other materials that you will need:

  • Scotch tapes, labels, and permanent markers for labeling and marking.
  • Packing tapes for sealing the cardboard.
  • Tissue papers, bubble wrap, wrapping papers, and newspaper for wrapping different kinds of Christmas figurines and fragile objects.
  • Plastic baggies for keeping small items like single lights, mini objects, danging decorative pieces, etc.
  • Cardboard tubes for keeping the lights safe and tangle-free.
  • Box dividers for keeping the glass and ceramic figurines


Christmas can come with a lot of things; add organization to the list so that you do not feel clueless the next year while decorating the house. Once you master the organizing skills, you can have an adorable Christmas without any tangles and wrecking the whole house finding the decorative pieces for the next year. Get ready and have a wonderful time. Follow the tips that we have curated for merrier Christmas. Ending the article with season’s greetings. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!