When and How Often to Use Skin Care Products

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Of course, the goal of each of us is to have healthy and aesthetically beautiful skin. However, it can be quite challenging to achieve if we don’t know which way to go. You can find a bunch of different skincare products on the market. Cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums… they all sound like they make sense.

But how to know which one do you really need? Hey, no need to panic. With the right information and a little effort, you will create an optimal skincare routine and ensure your skin looks exactly the way you want. Below you can read more about when and how often you should use skincare products.


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The first product we will talk about is, logically, a cleanser. This is the product with which you start your skincare routine because it is necessary to thoroughly clean your skin before moving on to the nourishing part. During the day, a huge amount of impurities accumulates on our skin. There are numerous pollutants in the air that easily stick to makeup and our skin. If not removed properly, these impurities can cause skin damage, acne, but also contribute to accelerated skin aging.

In order to prevent this, it is essential that every morning and every evening you use a gentle and effective cleanser that you have adapted to your skin type as well as current skin condition. If you have dry skin, sometimes it is enough to just wash your face in the morning with warm water, and to use the cleanser only in the evening. Also, if you work out during the day, it is necessary to use a cleanser before and after the workout.

Note: For optimal skin cleansing, we suggest applying the double cleansing method. This means that you start your skincare routine with an oil cleanser that will remove makeup, excess sebum and any oil-soluble impurities. After the oil cleanser, proceed with a water-based one that will remove remaining impurities and ensure that your skin is ready for further care and hydration.


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Toner is a product that is not a necessary part of the routine, but you can use it to achieve additional hydration or some other effect on the skin. For example, toners containing acids (AHA and BHA) can help eliminate acne and contribute to evening out complexion. Toners with vitamin C can be useful for stimulating collagen synthesis and strengthening the skin, as well as for protecting the skin from UV rays and other harmful factors, due to its antioxidant effect. of this vitamin. Use acid toners up to 3 times a week, as part of your evening routine. You can use hydrating tonics daily, as part of your morning or evening routine, or both.

At nourishskinrange.com you can find a huge selection of skincare products and choose a toner or mist that suits your skin and will ensure that you achieve the desired effect on it.


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Serums are concentrated forms of various active ingredients, such as vitamins E and C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, AHA and BHA, azelaic acid, niacinamide, and others. Thanks to these concentrated ingredients, they enable much faster and more efficient achievement of certain results on the skin.

Serums can be helpful in eliminating acne and blackheads, removing blemishes and scars, smoothing the complexion, controlling sebum secretion, reducing the visibility of pores, and more. Use them according to the instructions, which can sometimes be once or twice a day, and sometimes two or three times a week.


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Moisturizer is another product that should be part of your daily routine. Why? Because it ensures that the skin gets the optimal amount of water every day and is, therefore, sufficiently hydrated.

During the day, the skin faces a large number of unfavorable factors: wind, cold, UV rays, all of which contribute to the evaporation of water from the skin and its drying out. If you remain persistent in applying moisturizer every morning and evening after using the cleanser, you will ensure that your skin is properly hydrated and looks radiant and healthy.


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Masks are very interesting skincare products that most people are fans of. They are not vital skin care products, but if you love them, you should definitely not miss enjoying them. Face masks provide that amazing spa moment to which we can completely indulge after a hard day at work and leave all problems behind.

Also, a good face mask can do wonders for the skin! Not only will it provide an instant hydrating, mattifying or glowy effect, but it can help the acne treatment process, remove excess sebum, as well as reduce redness, irritation and dryness of the skin. Use face masks regularly if you like them, but be moderate. Twice a week is the optimal frequency of application.


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Sunscreen is called the queen of all skincare products, and with good reason. Daily use of SPF ensures that our skin is protected from UV rays which are its great enemies. Exposure to UV rays leads to damage to skin structures, loss of elasticity and tone, which leads to much faster appearance of signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation). And not only that, but the sun’s rays contribute to the development of various diseases, such as melanoma.

For this reason, it is necessary to do everything in our power to protect the skin. Wearing sunscreen daily is the way to go. Use a minimum of SPF30 and reapply every 3 hours to ensure maximum protection. And lastly, don’t forget that you should use SPF even during fall and winter. The sun’s rays are there even when we don’t see them!


Skincare products are necessary if we want to have healthy and beautiful skin, but we agree that sometimes it can be really difficult to understand how to use them. There are many products on the market, but that definitely doesn’t mean you need all of them. Choose a cleanser, moisturizer and SPF that you will use daily. And then you can add toner, serum, mask and other skincare products if needed. Use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, be consistent and you can expect phenomenal results on the skin.