How Much Do Sourcing Agents Normally Charge For Their Services


Online sales and direct imports of goods from China have been popular among people for years. Therefore, it is not surprising that many entrepreneurs who start their businesses – decide to sell Chinese products. Of course, to have the best possible communication when ordering and controlling goods – it is necessary to get a reliable Chinese agent. However, many vendors still wonder how much sourcing agents usually charge for their services? We will try to give you some answers.

Selling Goods From China Is A Successful Strategy For Many Companies


The trend of increasing imports of goods from China has been present on the world market for many years. Importing goods from China has proven to be a successful strategy for many companies. Products from China such as clothing, footwear, electronics, and furniture are becoming increasingly popular in the world. However, importing goods from China is not easy, especially if you have no experience in foreign trade and have never been involved in imports before. Importing goods from China can be a very complex, confusing – and sometimes expensive procedure. Expected earnings can easily melt due to long transport and delivery deadlines, fluctuations in transport costs or exchange rates, ignorance of import and customs regulations, and unexpected delays. That’s why you need to have a sourcing agent.

Why Is It Important To Have An Sourcing Agent When You Import Goods From China?


There is usually only one reason for importing goods from China – PRICE! China has built its brand and its economy on the fact that Chinese manufacturers sell their products at significantly lower prices than other suppliers. However, until recently, the rule was that Chinese goods are of poor quality. If you plan to import goods from China, you should also know that things are not as they used to be. The Chinese know how to make top quality. Bad experiences are caused by the fact that, due to lack of experience, most people see only the price as the deciding factor when purchasing goods – and we all know that what is the cheapest cannot be of the highest quality. When you include quality as a factor in decision-making and when you take care of it, Chinese goods will still be cheaper, but you have to take care of that. You certainly can’t do it yourself – and that’s why you need a reliable sourcing agent.

How Much Will A Sourcing Agent Cost You?

This is a question that many people are asking for a reason. According to, today you can find many people engaged in this business, but not all are equally qualified – and therefore, not always reliable. Let’s say you want to find a reliable Guangzhou sourcing agent. Of course, you will need a lot of time for this job because there are many agents, and you do not know their references. That is why it is often better to turn to professional agencies that connect you with TOP sourcing agents in China. This way, you will be able to start a new collaboration with far greater security – because your primary task is to find a reliable sourcing agent. Then, there are the costs associated with hiring one – because you have to pay the agent. This payment depends on your mutual agreement, and these are the most common ways you can do it.

● Commission


The most common way to pay for sourcing agent services is a commission. In a way, this suits both the agents and you as the client – because the payment depends on the frequency of the order and the number of goods. We can say that this payment option is best for those retailers who have been in business for some time and procure larger quantities of goods. Why is it like that? The reason is simple. The commission of sourcing agents usually ranges from 2 to 10%. However, the practice shows that the most common commission is somewhere between 5-7% – of course, the amount of the commission depends on the amount of the order. In other words, the larger the order – the smaller the commission and vice versa. That is why this way of payment is most suitable for wholesalers who make large orders and thus do a good job for the agent – and allow themselves to save on commission, which, in this case, is lower.

● Payment by the Hour

Although to some people this way of payment may sound unusual – for others it makes sense. Namely, this payment option is made according to the procurement working hours of the agent. Although some people think this is not a good solution, think twice! The advantage of this method of payment is that no matter how much your deal with the supplier is worth – you pay the agent according to a predetermined fixed amount by the hour.

Of course, this also has its drawbacks – because, let’s say, an agent can report that he needed more time for a job he did in a shorter time. For example, if the job lasted 6 hours, the agent may tell you that it took him 10 hours. Of course, you have no way to check that – so this is a disadvantage of this model of cooperation and payment. Also, if you are in a hurry and your source agent does something like that – you may be in trouble with the delivery or selling timeframes.

● Payment of Sourcing Agent With a Flat Fee


This is the best option for many, which we have already mentioned. Namely, it is up to you to find a company whose services you pay for at a fixed amount – and in return, they provide you with agents, lists of suppliers – as well as an assessment of which suppliers would be the most suitable for you. So you will not have to waste your precious time looking out for everything.


Of, course, if you want to start or you already have a wholesale business – you are going to look for products from China. They have a wide choice of things you can sell and they are also more affordable. However, this is not something you can do on your own and without any help on the side. That is why you need to have your source agent in China. We explained to you the most common ways of paying source agents and the way they will charge – so try to find the best model of payment that will suit both you and your agent. A good collaboration can be done only when both parties in the business are satisfied.