How Mediation Can Help Resolve Pro Sports Disputes

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In sports, a lot of disputes are resolved through mediation. Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in case of settling. Mediation in sports is a process by which a neutral person that is not connected to either party will help athletes, team representatives, officials, or business people to work out an issue and get a resolution of their dispute in the best, safest & fastest way possible. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading!

The impact that meditation has had on NHL

The NHL has had a lot of disputes throughout the years. One that was highly talked about was the $200 million dispute, considering the issue of player revenue-sharing where the league locked out the players. The NHL has canceled a lot of games and even canceled the 2004-2005 season due to a similar dispute. It took almost 30 hours of negotiation to come up with a solution. The agreement allowed NHL players to get a short-term issue of salary in return for peace of mind regarding their long-term financial future. This was huge since NHL players have a short-lived career, often needing to rely on a fund of some sort and a secured pension. This is why everyone was impressed with this mediator.

Did the NFL benefit from mediation?

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A lot of big players in the industry can benefit one way or another through mediation and with a proper settlement. For instance and back in 2011, the National Football League has had to resolve its labor dispute and player lockout through negotiation. The truth is that different conflicts and different disputes demand a different approach and conflicts that are resolved through unique options presented per case. The job of a trained mediator who has been in the business for years means that they will help disputants find common ground and end their impasse.

PS: Did you know that the right mediation can help you resolve and work on 70-80% of cases that can satisfy both parties?!

Can you really solve sport-related issues through mediation?

Mediation is not a universally appropriate process, meaning that you will experience different benefits to it and that the opposite side will be left with something else that suits them. However, there are times and moments when mediation may not be appropriate, and those are:

  • It seems like there is no end to the negotiation process
  • Some parties feel endangered and they want court protection
  • A party has no genuine interest in a settlement

The process can be long and overwhelming, but terms have to be identified and reached so that everyone’s needs are satisfied and a settlement is made. Finding a lawyer who has been in this industry for years will help speed up your case where everything will run smoothly.

How mediation can help and benefit pro sports: top 3 ways

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If you are an athlete or a sporty person, working in an organization of some sort you have to know about the pros and benefits of mediation. Some of them are:

  1. Private and confidential – everything is resolved in a fast and secure way + it is a cost-effective process for both teams. No one has to know about your settlement arrangement and you can resolve everything in private.
  2. Proper agreement – you will be left with a win-win rather than a win-lose agreement. This is if you pick an amazing mediator. They will try to meet the demands and requirements of both parties, satisfying your needs and making sure that you always come back to them for consultation.
  3. Better productive relationships – opposite teams could get close and have a productive relationship throughout this long process. Mediation should take place early on in a dispute before parties have become deeply entrenched in their positions and fans have stoked grievances on both sides.

What are some common concerns when it comes to mediation?

Just like everything has its pros and cons, so does mediation. Here are some common concerns that both parties tend to have:

  1. Players worry that they will look weak during the negotiation process – as long as the parties don’t settle for less, they won’t look weak. With the right mediator, no one will be left unheard.
  2. Players think that this is a delaying tactic – although it is a slow process, especially if players have a ton of requests, mediation is not a tactic, but rather a solution. Make sure that you have time, patience and that you are optimistic about the solution. Nothing can happen overnight.
  3. What’s the thing on real cost savings –  while the timing of mediation is essential, even if mediation is not attempted until shortly before trial the costs of doing so, compare favorably to the costs of trial. You will prefer it a lot more than going to court.
  4. Players worry about disclosing their hands – this is a secretive confidential process so any information obtained should not be deployed in litigation or arbitration. Everything is resolved in private with lawyers, so no need to shake hands with anyone.

Overall, it is way easier to resolve your issues and your disputes through a mediator than it is to do it amongst yourselves or in court.

Do you have a case that you want to resolve?

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