How Long Does a Feminized Seed Take to Grow? – 2024 Guide


The feminized seed must be grown indoors to get a healthy marijuana plant. Before knowing the time it takes to become a plant, you need to understand the growth process of the seed. Knowing the nutrients, daylight, temperature, etc., is a must.

The growth process of the marijuana plant is also the same as other plants, but it needs special attention. You can estimate the time of seed growth if you learn its entire growth process. Consider the method of germinating feminized seeds at your home.

Germinating Feminized Seeds


It is necessary to understand two light-controlled phases of the growth of marijuana seeds. If you germinate seeds at your home in a vegetative mode and provide daylight for more than 18 hours, they will produce every plant part but you will not see buds.

But if you minimize the daylight to only 12 hours, it will start developing buds. This phase is considered the flowering one. It is necessary to give plenty of light at the time of the blooming phase and maximize the harvesting process. Many people prefer to use heavy lights to increase the harvest.

Time Required to Grow Feminized Seeds

The growth process takes 8 to 9 weeks from germination to shooting buds. It is hard to find seeds online that you can grow at home. You can prefer lemon cherry gelato and follow the growth process to develop a cannabis plant indoors. But ensure it provides enough light, water, and nutrients to grow well.

What Things Need to be Avoided?


Generally, people make two common mistakes that need to be avoided. They feed and water marijuana plants more than required. Overwatering or overfeeding can damage the growth of the seeds, and it will be of no use. Waterlogged soil will not absorb the oxygen, and root aeration will happen.

When you overfeed nutrients to your plant, its development will slow down and ruin the leaf color. The EC meter can monitor the concentration of nutrients you feed to this seed if necessary. You must water your plant in a way that is sufficient for plant growth, and no soil is logged.

Maintenance of the Nutrient Sweet Spot


It is imperative when watering your sapling that you periodically check the concentration of nutrients your plant is receiving to avoid under or over-feeding your sapling. As cannabis strains can differ in the type and volume of nutrients they require to stay healthy, take care to research your strain and prepare your grow environment in advance.

It is necessary to handle the sweet spot of nutrients for proper germination of feminized seed into a healthy marijuana plant. Even if you are growing it at home, it is a must to give enough light along with fresh air for heavy blooming.

The Bottom Line

Generally, it takes 8 to 9 weeks to germinate the feminized marijuana seeds into a healthy marijuana plant. It is necessary to give enough light, water, and nutrients to bloom the buds. You must check the plant growth constantly and manage the sweet spot to avoid unnecessary damage to the sapling.