How Do Boom Truck Rental Services Work – 2024 Guide?

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Often, people are put in tight situations when there is a need to have heavy equipment lifted. It applies to both household and industrial lifting needs. Lifting it by yourself is never an option that you should consider. It is because you can end up damaging whatever things you lift, if you are not a professional.

Therefore, using professional boom truck rental services is something that you should consider. They offer both lifting and transportation services for any equipment you may have. You must know how these truck services work for individuals or companies. We have provided a guide to help you understand how they work and how to hire one.

Explaining How Boom Truck Rental Services Work

In order to help you understand how the boom truck services work, we have provided you with a guide below. Using this, you would know what services you could use for industrial or residential needs. It would also help you understand the importance of using them.

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The Advantages of Using Boom Trucks

Many advantages come with using boom truck rental services. One of the primary advantages you should look at is that you do not have to hire two companies. Usually, this happens when some equipment has to be transported and lifted to a building.

However, when you hire boom truck rental services, you get both of these services from one company. It helps you save time and money. You also lessen the stress on the equipment you are transporting and lifting as one company takes care of everything.

The other advantage is you can hire these companies on a per-hour rental basis. It means that you do not have to pay for a whole day. Hiring for an entire day is often considered a costly affair for most companies.

What Things Can Be Transported And Lifted?

It is one of the common questions people ask about boom truck rental services.

If you look at the website, you will get an insight into the type of services you can use them for.

However, we still list them below for you to view.

HVAC Equipment

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Lifting HVAC equipment, especially while moving, can be a difficult task. It is because they are usually fitted into the terrace of a building. If the building has more than two or three floors, the risk factor just increases if you use manual methods.

By using a boom truck rental service, they can make this process simpler. Even including the transportation of the HVAC equipment and lifting it to the desired heights can be taken care of by one company. It would relieve you from the potential stress you are likely to undergo.

Building & Construction Materials

Building and construction materials are often large and heavy. These materials, at times, require them to be lifted to great heights if you are constructing a high-rise building. Using a crane means the process becomes simple and straightforward.

Apart from construction and building materials, they can also help in lifting construction equipment. This equipment is usually heavy and cannot be lifted by ordinary lifts or cranes. With boom truck rental services, lifting and bringing down equipment can be easy.

Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers are often used for different purposes apart from shipping items to several places. At times, these are used for storage and moving purposes. Lifting and transporting shipping containers is a process that requires professional assistance.

With a boom truck rental service, you can make this process easier. Apart from lifting and offloading containers, they would also transport them to your desired location. It would make the entire process simple. You also get both services under one roof.

Heavy Machinery

Apart from removing it, the transportation and installation of heavy machinery is something to be left to experts to handle. It is because equipment that is not transported, lifted, or installed properly, can cause malfunction or even be damaged in the process.

However, if you use a reliable boom truck rental service, they can take care of all this in one package. It would help you get rid of the stress involved with logistics and also help save time and money. Experienced professionals can handle everything for you with ease.

Landscape and Tree Lifting

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When moving from one place to another, moving landscaping or trees can be a tricky affair. It is because everything has to be precise about the entire process. Even minor mistakes can end up costing you a lot of money, time, and damage to your landscape and trees.

Therefore, hiring a boom truck rental service can be one of the best options you have. It applies to both residential and industrial needs. Considering how the ecosystem is affected at the moment, you might want to ensure that you do everything possible to protect it.

Some Tips For You

  • Hourly Rental: While most boom truck rental services are offered on an hourly basis, some do not. You have to consider your feasibility and the average time needed for the entire process. Based on that, you can choose an hourly or daily rental depending on the cost-effectiveness.
  • Compare Options: Always compare the options that you have on the table. While some might be cheaper, there are other costlier options too. Therefore, comparing them with each other can help you select the right one.
  • Purpose and Experience: Always consider a company that can serve the purpose and has the experience to do it. It would ensure that you are getting good value for your money. It would also make sure of seamless delivery of the service from them.


It is a good idea that you consider all the options that are available to you in terms of hiring a boom truck rental service. Also, ensure that the company that you hire is experienced and can do a perfect job of handling your exact requirements.

You can also use reviews and testimonials on the internet to find out how a particular company has fared before you opt to hire them for their services. Taking care of these things would ensure that you get the best possible services in the area where you are located.