How Did Streetwear Become High Fashion


We know streetwear did not originate from a fashion studio – but from regular life. Although it is generally connected with young people and is most commonly seen in larger urban areas – today, it has also moved to catwalks and high fashion shows. How did we come to that, and how streetwear has become high fashion – read in the text below.

Street Fashion In The Past And Its Impact On Contemporary Fashion

At first glance, street fashion and clothing is the only safe product that absolutely all of us consume. However, it started to stand out around the 1950s as a separate category that we can study and evaluate today. Even then, street fashion became the leader of some group identities and subcultural cohesion. Just think of jeans and leather jackets similar to the style promoted by James Dean in the movie Rebel Without a Cause. That formed a new sub-culture where “street style” became the big fashion trend. A similar thing happened later during the time of the hippie movement, and especially with the development of the punk subculture – when fashion designers like Vivian Westwood and others got involved in the entire story, giving their fashion contributions. Although we may not be aware of the impact that these phenomena had on contemporary fashion – it is clear that our everyday clothes, with a little styling and accessory additions, moved to the catwalks. So, when exactly did that street fashion boom happen?

Hip-Hop And The Rise Of Today’s Street Fashion


Some subcultures have become so deeply rooted in the dominant culture that we don’t even consider them a subculture anymore. One of them is hip-hop culture – today better known as the street or the culture we associate with the African-Americans. Hip-hop is a cultural and artistic movement made by Afro-Americans and Latin Americans living in big cities such as NYC. This culture also spread to urban and suburban neighborhoods throughout the United States – and then, around the globe. Clothes, hairstyles, and other things are a large part of the socio-cultural influence of hip hop since. Even though fashion has changed over the years, unique urban clothing and the image have been an essential way for rappers, MCs, breakdancers, and other members of this wide community to express themselves. As the popularity of hip hop increased, so did the impact of its fashion. Beginning in the mid to late 1990s, hip hop or street culture embraced many contemporary designers and established a new connection with classic fashion. Brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger have opened the doors of high fashion to streetwear.

Streetwear High Fashion VS What We Wear In Real Life


Nowadays, street fashion has reached high-fashion shows that popularize certain pieces such as leather jackets, pants with pockets, comfortable sweatshirts – but also Bermuda shorts and hats. Today, some of these pieces of clothing are worn on catwalks in almost impossible combinations that can look fabulous on models. However, even though we can see everything on the runway, including the combination of a leather jacket with a shirt and shorts – this does not mean that the majority of men, supporters of this style, will appear in public like that. However, if you want quality pieces, check this and choose streetwear that will suit your taste and be comfortable enough for everyday wear. Male supporters of this style claim that you must follow certain rules regarding this fashion style – and here’s what they are.

●     Utility – an imperative in street fashion

The more practical and functional the clothing is, the better. Pants and light jackets with pockets are the leading trends this fall. Looking for practical clothes, especially for autumn days when the temperatures are uneven – more and more guys are choosing cargo pants and jackets with zippers and lots of pockets. When buying your pair, make sure they are loose but not baggy.

● Neutral tones as a must-have

Neutral tones matched with comfortable cuts become a must-have detail for the style-conscious man. Whether it’s hoodies or blouses, the basic color palette for next season’s lines does not contain black or bright shades. Tones of sand, stone and all “desert” shades are great for pants and accompanying clothing details.

● Oversized sweatshirts for your cool style

Oversized sweatshirts have become a fashion sensation for both – women and men in recent years. They fit perfectly into the street fashion style – and all you need is to get a monochromatic piece, preferably a slightly lighter shade, and combine it with blue jeans. The perfect footwear for this outfit is a pair of comfortable trainers.

● Leather jackets and their versatility

Leather jackets are an item of clothing that is characterized by great versatility. You can wear them in a variety of ways – offering a different style of clothing each time. With a scarf and skinny crepe pants for a dressier look, or ripped jeans and pocket pants for a more casual look – you can mix and match them however you want. In addition to classic black, choose a leather jacket in brown – and make a simple combination with light blue jeans and a flannel checkered shirt and boots.

● A classic white t-shirt is always in


Streetwear is all about accentuating the simple with something striking. A great outfit idea is to combine a white t-shirt with bold colors or patterns. A white t-shirt provides a subtle backdrop for your bold color and cut choices and makes everything interesting. Pair your white t-shirt with bold pants with pockets to enhance your simple look.

The Bottom Line

Although it has appeared on the catwalks and among famous designers – street fashion is still acceptable to the general population, both because of its comfort and trendiness and its affordable price. Streetwear is flexible, but it’s still about having clothes that fit you and the colors and styles that suit you. If you follow these golden rules – this style will allow you more freedom and creativity than most fashion directions and trends ever will.