Tips On How To Get An Online CPR Certification


Studying online is the new trend. It gives you enough time to carry out your everyday chores while learning something new. You can take up many new courses for which people had to travel far previously. Most people use this tool to upgrade their current knowledge. But you could also learn an entirely new skill through this medium. An online CPR certification works both ways. You know a life-saving course and increase your chances of upscaling at work. Should you take this course, how will it benefit you, and what will you learn? These are some of the burning questions this article will answer.

Which are the essential life-saving skills?


Learning a life-saving course is the first step towards becoming self-sufficient. You will always need professional help with your health. But knowing one or more of the below life-saving skills could help reduce injury to yourself and others.

  1. Swimming: Every individual must know how to swim. This skill will help you survive if you fall into a water body. You can also save others if you see this happen.
  2. Control Bleeding: Children run around and could quickly get a cut. Even adults get paper cuts that bleed profusely. It would help if you taught your children the importance of stopping that blood flow.
  3. First Aid: Different institutes teach various things under first aid. It helps create a secure environment and instills a helpful attitude in you. You should take up this course at various stages.
  4. CPR: Anyone can experience a heart attack at any time. Whether it is an adult, a child, or an older person, you can only help them if you know the proper steps to follow once the episode happens. For busy people, the best way to learn this course is by taking an online CPR certification.
  5. Low Blood Sugar: As lifestyle diseases creep into everyone’s lives, low blood sugar needs constant attention. Correctly identifying this issue could prevent the person from going into organ failure.
  6. Heat Strokes: People take the sun too casually. But you must always protect yourself from direct sunshine and stay hydrated. A heat stroke causes excessive water loss from the body, and the person often faints.
  7. Burns: Everyday life could throw up many challenges. Getting burnt causes pain and discomfort beyond belief. You must take a burn treatment course as it helps keep daily chores in place.
  8. Poisoning: Everyone loves trekking, but this activity comes with the threat of venomous creatures lurking in the wild. A course in treating snake and insect bites will help make life easier for everyone.

Why should you learn CPR?


Once medical science proved that the brain only has two minutes to survive after a heart attack, they needed to find a way to help people faster. Doctors developed this course to help people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. CPR should stay on top of your to-do list for the following reasons.

  1. Once your heart stops beating, you technically have no life. However, CPR can restart the person’s blood flow and revive their breathing. Your CPR skill could help a person live a longer life.
  2. Once people around you know of your CPR skills, they feel secure. You should discuss your skills with friends and family. They will know whom to reach out to in case of an emergency.
  3. Suppose you have always wanted to work in the healthcare industry and need help knowing where to start. Many careers demand their aspirants to have a CPR certification for the base-level role. Taking this course could work as a stepping stone.
  4. The responsibility of keeping children safe lies with the parents. The most important thing you could do when entering parenthood is to learn CPR.
  5. Learning this course could be your shot at becoming a real-life hero. It gives you the power to help the needy and become a good Samaritan.
  6. Thorough knowledge of CPR helps you understand the internal working of the human body. You could use this knowledge in treating other wounds as well.

How can you get an accredited CPR certification?

Now that you know the importance of a CPR course, let’s know the best way to take this certification. If you are an early millennial reading this article, you would first search for colleges in your area that provide the course. But a Gen Z or Gen Alpha would automatically search for an online CPR certification. It would help if you used some of the below pointers to pick the best place for your CPR certification.

  1. Refrain from trying to fit an in-person class into your busy schedule. Going for an online CPR course will give you the flexibility to take this course at any time.
  2. It would help if you only went to colleges or institutes that offer AHA-recognised courses. AHA is the body that oversees the teachings of a CPR course. Your course should also have OSHA accreditation.
  3. Always ask your institute to provide details of previous students. You could also ask them about placements and career prospects. It helps create a connection and understand the institution’s ground reality.
  4. An accredited institute will offer you a paid course with a valid certification. If somebody offers you a free course, you will likely not get a certificate to practice with.
  5. To get an accredited certification, you should only pick a course with a certificate with two years of validity. No CPR certification comes with lifetime validity. OSHA and AHA revised CPR guidelines every two years.


Taking an online CPR certification could be the best thing you do for your success. Most people need to understand the value of taking a life-saving course. It gives you the mental strength required to face a medical emergency. A nationally recognized course will help you practice your skills anywhere without landing in legal trouble. The CPR courses by the American HealthCare Academy follow all the required guidelines. This institution offers you many life-saving courses along with CPR. Once you complete a course from AHCA, you also earn study credits. Leg onto the AHCA website and learn more.