What Is The France Curse In The World Cup?

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There are many interesting details related to the FIFA World Cup. It represents the most prestigious sports event in the world. The finals game between France and Croatia in the previous World Cup in Russia was watched by over 1 billion people. It is expected to see even higher numbers on the following tournament in Qatar. There will be a lot of interesting games on this tournament. If you think that you can predict some results, you can earn some money by betting. Therefore, check out 22bet.

Moreover, we can find a lot of stats and analyzes of teams that will play in Qatar. There are some teams already listed as favorites, while there are some potential surprises as well. One of the most interesting things when we compare the results from previous tournaments is that the winner of the previous one won’t reach the play-off stage. It is called a France Curse, and we are going to introduce you to it in the following article.

When It All Started?

Source: gnnhd.tv

The reason why it is called a France Curse is that the France managed to win the tournament in 1998, and then failed to get out of the group stage in the next cup in 2002. It was not considered as a curse right away since Brazil, who won the cup in 2002, managed to get off the group stage. However, the interesting order starts after the Italy won the tournament in 2006.

The failed to pass to the play-offs in the next World Cup that was in 2010. The Span won that tournament, and they also failed to get out of the group in the 2014 tournament. The same happened to Germany that won the event in 2014 since they failed to get of the group in 2018.

Therefore, a lot of people are wondering whether the current champion, France, will continue with this trend, and fail to get to the play off stage in the following tournament in Qatar.

Can This Happen Again?

The simple explanation is that the odds that this negative trend will continue in the following event are very low. The reason for that is related to how strong the French team is, and that they don’t have a lot of strong rivals in their group. The only team that can be a tough opponent is Denmark. When it comes to Australia and Tunisia, most people think that France will easily win those games.

When we compare the teams of Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia with France, there is a clear difference since all of the players in the French team are playing in some of the best clubs in the world. However, surprise are always possible, and we are waiting to see whether the curse will continue on this tournament.

We should keep in mind that this game is always full of surprises. Even though there are not high-level players in other teams in group D, and that Denmark is the only significant opponent, there is always a chance that some small details could make a huge difference. For example, drawing with Australia and then losing against Denmark would make it very difficult for France to get out of the group. One this is certain, and that is that watching France on this World Cup will be even more interesting when we know about this curse.

Who Are The Main Favorites?

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Despite the alleged curse, France are still considered as one of the main favorites to win. If they manage to do that, it will be the first time after 1966 for a team to win two times in a row. When it comes to other favorites, we have to mention Argentina and Brazil. Argentina won the South America cup last year, and then have a great team with same players for a long time. That is very important since there is a connection built like in club competitions. Also, we have to mention that they are highly motivated to finally win the World Cup for the first time after the Diego Maradona era.

Brazil is always listed as a favorite. Things are on an even higher level for the following tournament since they are very strong on every position, and have an excellent benching alternatives as well. Another team that we have to mention is England. They are also waiting for a long time to win. Also, they have the most valuable team. Some of the best players in the world at this moment are playing for them, like Kane, Alexander Arnold, Foden, and more.

When it comes to potential surprises, we have to mention the USA squad that is full of young talents that are playing for top clubs in Europe. Canada can also make a sparingly good results. The same is for Serbia.

The audience is expecting to see some interesting surprises that will be similar to the previous World Cup where Croatia was playing in the final. They have a very similar team for this season.

Source: gnnhd.tv

Last Words

The French team is looking great in the preparation phase. They had some friendly games where they were testing different tactics. When you compare their players with other in the group D, it seems that it is clear that the curse will finally be avoided since there is only a small chance that Australia or Tunisia will manage to at least play a draw against the team with Mbape, Benzema, and other amazing players.

On the other side, if you still think that there is a chance for them to fail to qualify for play-offs, you could earn a lot of money on that. The odds for France to not be in the first two in their group is huge. Therefore, relying on this curse can provide you a huge profit even if you don’t invest a lot of money.

Still, you have to be realistic when you are choosing combinations for sports betting. The odds will change over time, which means that now might be the best time for making some predictions.