Best Florida Beach Wedding Destinations in 2024


Although there are many reasons to travel to Florida, we are sure that you are most attracted by beautiful beaches and sunny climate. We will agree that this is home to some of the best landscapes and you will surely find the perfect place to get married. To implement all your ideas, you can hire companies that will plan this important day in your life and raise the entire organization to a higher level.

They are a great option even if you have no ideas, because they will manage the planning process, but also come up with a concept for you. All you need to do is decide on a place where you will spend the most important moments in your life, and we have a few suggestions for you.

1. Miami Beach


If you want luxury, then this is the right destination for you. That is what event organizers behind told us and as soon as we checked few pictures of Miami Beach, we knew that is true. Although this place used to be just a piece of sandy soil surrounded by a swamp, now it is a prestigious tourist destination and a favorite place for many to enjoy life. So you should consider this option if you want your wedding to be special.

Regardless of the fact that this is a small place, it has a rich history. So, Miami Beach was bought by father and son during 1870. At that time, this place was potentially arable land, and an acre of land cost only a few tens of cents, while today the price is in the millions.

Later, an entrepreneur with a vision establishes a city and the island turns into a tourist paradise. It is a haven for celebrities, rich people and young people who want to have a good time. Over time, this has become one of the favorite places to exchange vows.

The city is among the most visited in the country thanks to its good temperatures, beaches, abundant entertainment areas, many shops of all kinds, great atmosphere and unusual settlements. Several museums and large galleries, meanwhile, have given Miami Beach another dimension, more than a carefree pastime, sunbathing and an obsession with the body.

Here you will be able to choose from several fantastic beaches such as South Beach, which is considered to be the most famous beach in the entire city, and is easily recognized by its frequent presence in movies and series. It is a place you must see, a place of calm and shallow water.

For the wedding venue you can rent a villa as well. Click here for good villa options.

2. St Pete’s Beach, Pensacola


You will have a great time here, see an unforgettable sunset while walking on the sand. You will enjoy beautiful and well-kept hotels, and in the evening you have the opportunity to dine in places where great music is listened to. The place is quite quiet and you will not encounter crowds like you did with the previous destination. That is why this is a good choice for all couples who want to get married in a romantic place that exudes peace. Best of all, you will get married very easily here, you need a permit and a little more than 20 dollars, and you can do the rest of the ceremony on the beach. However, if you are planning to impress your guests and have a big wedding, then the pink palace is a better choice.

The real name of the place is Don Cesar, but it will cost you much more than 20 dollars. It is one of the best spa resorts in Florida. People get married on the sand or the cult courtyard staircase. This is an opportunity to personalize your wedding with great cocktails, floral and wedding decorations. The beaches in this place offer a relaxed atmosphere, because you will not meet many people. You will also be able to experience a mix of water sports, quality shopping and great gastronomic prices. We are sure you will not be disappointed with this place.

3. Siesta Key Public Beach, Sarasota


We present you another popular destination for weddings in Florida, but this is definitely the most expensive option. In the beginning, you will have to pay almost 200 dollars to pay for the wedding license. If you have enough money, you will not regret it, because this beach is beautiful. This place was created for intimate weddings. Treat your guests to a beautiful experience and share this moment with them.

It is an opportunity to celebrate together your most important day in life on a beautiful beach that has turquoise water and quartz sand. You must visit this paradise on the island, and a romantic vacation is the perfect excuse to do so. In addition to the beautiful appearance, you can find equally good content that will suit all tourists who visit this place.

The beaches are full of rescue stations, toilets, covered pavilions, picnic stations, playgrounds, hiking trails, etc.

4. Boca Raton


Boca Raton is one of the most amazing places you can take photos if you are looking for the perfect wedding photo. This is a place that will give you the perfect background and you will look fantastic in every photo. It is a city that is known for its size, but also for golf courses and nature trails. Since this is a big city, you can make a huge ceremony on the beach. There is also the possibility of celebrating in Red Reed Park, which is located next to the beach. There you will have a wonderful view of it, but also all the other conditions that will make this day perfect.

5. St Augustine


Only an outdoor wedding can be romantic, luxurious, fairytale-like, unusual. If you like this idea, then you need to consider this option as well. Take advantage of the natural beauty of this place for your special day and turn it into your piece of paradise on earth. In addition to its historical significance, this city is known for its pristine beaches. One of the most popular is Ponte Vedra Beach. There you will see luxury resorts. Not far from it, there is another beautiful wedding location that will help you make beautiful memories on the coast. The Bayfront Marin House Historic Inn is definitely one of the locations where you will be very happy to declare your love and participate in the beautiful ceremony.


As you can see Florida really has a lot of beach wedding destinations that will prepare unforgettable moments for future spouses. We are sure that the guests will talk about the event long after your wedding. These locations are for everyone who wants to get away from all the obligations of daily life, relax and enjoy the first days of life together.