Can You Fix Your Bite Naturally?


Taking proper care of your dental health is very important since that is the only way to prevent some bigger issues. Lack of attention can affect both the health and physical appearance of your teeth. It is not only about the teeth, but also about their position in the mouth. Practicing some bad habits and not being aware of the changes in appearance for a long time may lead to different bite issues like underbite and overbite. In that matter, control is crucial, and you should visit an expert in this area at least twice a year.

The biggest mistake people are making is when they wait for a problem to occur before visiting the dentist. Moreover, the selection of the dentist can make a difference. If you live in the US, it can be a problem when you have to apply for a surgery of any kind, or some procedure like teeth whitening, dental surgery, and more. That is one of the main reasons why health tourism is so popular in recent years. If you are interested in this option, we suggest you check SmileDental.

Moreover, we already mentioned that habits can play a big role in various conditions related to mouth and teeth. The biggest issues with bite problems are that they will physically change the appearance of your jaw. If the situation is more drastic, that will require surgery. On the other side, there are some natural ways to fix this problem, and we are going to introduce them to you in the following article.

Correction Exercise


First of all, you have to be aware that this method won’t be able to solve your problem overnight. However, it can be efficient if you make it a habit and perform it every day. One of the main reasons why some people are facing bite issues and problems with the posture of the jaw is related to the position of the tongue.

For example, if you have a habit to push the upper teeth with your tongue, that might lead to this problem. In most cases, this habit starts among small kids. It often represents a way of how they are dealing with stress. Some other habits are nail biting, finger sucking, and more. All of these practices may lead to this problem.

The best method to start dealing with this is to get a special rubber and place it over the top of the tongue. After that, you will apply pressure on the rubber instead of the front teeth. While you are pushing the rubber, you can also bite with your mouth open. Also, swallow while keeping the mouth open. This might sound annoying, but it can be very efficient. Practicing it twice a day can lead to great results. You will have to repeat the procedure around 30 times in one process to achieve the best results. The biggest advantage is that this will prevent more serious issues.

Position of the Tongue

This is another common issue that leads to biting problems and may affect the posture of the jaw as well. It also starts at an early age, and can quickly develop into a bad habit where people are constantly pushing their teeth with the tongue. Instead of that, focus on its position and try to keep it in a normal state when it is resting, which is between the gums.


Stop With Bad Habits

We already mentioned finger sucking and nail-biting as one of the most common bad habits that can affect the health of teeth and mouth. It is common among kids, but it is present among adults as well. It is surprising how many people are biting their nails when they are feeling nervous. Keep in mind that it can be a sign of anxiety.

Also, it can quickly get out of control and you might find yourself with fingers in your mouth whenever you are dealing with something stressful. When you are practicing it for a longer time, it can lead to various problems with the teeth, gums, and nerve system, and can affect the jaw and cause bite issues as well.

Another bad habit that we have to mention is pressing the teeth with too much force. Some people are doing that when they are asleep, and a rubber brace is the best solution to prevent the damage. Besides that, it is proven that people who are breathing through the mouth instead of the nose are facing bite issues more often.

If you got used to breathing in your mouth, try to change this habit, and you will notice the difference very fast. It is healthier to breathe on the nose. However, if there is a condition that is forcing you to breathe by mouth, be sure to visit an expert and resolve that problem.

How To Deal With More Challenging Problems?


While exercise and change of some habits is a great way to prevent more serious issues, they won’t help you solve a problem if it is already more serious. In that case, you will have to visit an expert to deal with it. In some cases, it might require braces and additional tools that you will have to wear while sleeping. Also, there are conditions that will require surgery.

Last Words

As you can see, prevention is the best way to deal with any sort of bite issue. In that matter, you should pay special attention to your kids and their habits so they don’t start with bad habits like biting their nails. It is much easier to affect the teeth with these habits when they are still developing.

On the other hand, it might leave a negative effect on adults as well. If you are constantly feeling an urge to bite your nails whenever you are feeling stressed, try to remain focused and prevent that. Also, if you cannot deal with that on your own, there are some products that you can apply to your fingers that will make this habit more annoying.