5 Golden Rules That Would Find Your Dream Date 

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Singlehood is a bane when you have no companion on your side, especially during those times when you want to share stuff with someone special. We genuinely understand the plight and this is why QuackQuack is on a roll to make things possible for every individual across India. The site doesn’t restrict people from major Indian cities and helps smaller city-residing individuals with a genuine chance to find their better halves. With technology spread across every corner of the country, we are among the best online Indian dating for matchmaking at this moment.

What is the Differentiator?

You might have seen tall claims put by different sites operating in the country. Our philosophy is simple and only pertains to following ethical means to remove the barriers between singles living in every individual neighborhood. So far, we are successful in helping singles find someone special in their lives and we are proud to be the flag bearers in this case. Our deep penetration in tier II and III cities has meant that a single staying in these cities, actually finds someone special just around the corner for dating.

Are there any Golden Rules that would help find singles?

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Our expertise in managing the site has seen countless men and women take their relationships to the next level very soon than expected. There is no rocket science logic behind this. We are pleased to offer you some insights that would help you to replicate the success formula in finding your better half. These include,

  • Being real and specific: When you are finding a match from our site, it is important to be real and specific at the same time. Being Real means to be you and not to fake with desperation. Since we only deal with genuine profiles for both relationship and friendship seekers, we strongly recommend being you rather than faking it out. Being specific means hosting your profile with accurate information about you and not beating around the bush. The lesser is the better and the chances of finding a partner increase by a large margin.
  • Using Filters to Shortlist: There are all sorts of people on our site registered at this moment. Despite you having all access to these profiles, it is necessary to understand your needs. If you are choosy about finding a specific profile, these filters help in shortlisting specific ones accordingly. There is no bar on filters and the more you use these, the better the profile result is on the cards.
  • Using the Chat Interface: The chat interface on our dating app is what bridges you with your potential match. The interactive chat box allows you to communicate with the prospect instantly and also gives you a chance to build initial trust with each other. Start politely and try knowing the match based on their profile preferences.

Think outside the box

If you’re looking for love, it’s time to open your mind and start thinking outside the box. Here are five golden rules that will help you find your dream date.

  1. Be yourself. Most people are attracted to people who are themselves, so be authentic and express your true feelings. If you’re shy, don’t force yourself to talk to someone you don’t feel comfortable around.
  2. Go out with friends. It’s always more fun when you go out with friends, so make some plans and see what happens! You might be surprised by how many good dates can be found this way.
  3. Be spontaneous. Nothing is better than a date that surprises you – go on adventures and try something new! This will show that you’re interested in getting to know the person better, and they’ll probably be more excited about the date too.
  4. Don’t overthink it. Sometimes the best dates happen without any planning at all – just go for a walk or meet up for a drink afterward and see what happens! If things get serious, you can always work on a plan together later on if you want.
  5. Be patient. It can take some time to find the right person, so don’t rush things. If you’re not interested in someone after a few dates, that’s okay – don’t force yourself to continue if you’re not comfortable.

Listen closely

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In order to find your dream date, you must listen closely to what your heart desires. Here are some golden rules that will help you do just that.

  1. Respect yourself first and foremost. This means setting healthy boundaries and honoring your personal space. If someone is taking away your freedom or making you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to move on.
  2. Be genuine and authentic. Don’t be fake or pretend to be something you’re not just to get someone’s attention. What you put out into the world will come back to haunt you in some way or another. Be who you are and let the chips fall where they may.
  3. Be curious and ask questions. Asking questions will help you learn more about the person and make sure that both of your interests are being accommodated. There is no harm in being nosy, especially when it comes to finding a potential partner!
  4. Avoid coming across as too pushy or demanding in your interactions with others. It’s important to respect other people’s time and feelings, even if you think they’re worth spending time with!
  5. No matter how busy or tired you are, always have time for your dream date. If you can’t find the time to meet up, at least talk on the phone or via video chat!
Source: desiringgod.org

Final Thoughts

These were some Golden Rules that act as the major talking point in removing your singlehood tag in no time. All you need to do beforehand is sign up with us absolutely free of charge and access free dating apps India. Once you are in, ensure to follow these Golden Rules that make your dreams come true. And, remember, never give up! Your special someone could be just around the corner.