How Long Does It Take for a Fiance Visa to Be Approved in 2024 UK?


Visiting the United Kingdom is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. This country offers exceptional places, parks, rich history, beautiful countryside, and romantic villages. It seems like a great option to move there for living, even though their immigration conditions can be pretty challenging.

You can get a standard visitor visa if you plan to stay less than six months. A standard visitor visa lets you enter the UK for up to three months at a time. If you want to stay longer, you should apply for a student visa. A student visa lets you study for up to 12 months. Other visas let you work legally in the UK, depending on the job position and other factors authorities find important.

Visas are documents issued by the government to allow people into a country temporarily or permanently. There are two main types of visas – tourist visas and employment visas. The first one allows tourists to enter a country without having to apply for a visa beforehand. Employment visas, however, only allow workers to enter a country legally. Note that these are the general rules, and may differ from one foreign country to another.

There are a number of things to consider before applying for a visa. As a general rule, you should apply for the visa at least three months prior to your intended date of arrival. This gives you enough time to get through immigration procedures and also to secure a job.

But, before we answer how long it takes to have your fiancé visa approved in 2024, let’s see what it is, and why some people decide to apply.

What is a fiance visa?


A fiancée visa allows you to live and work in the UK without applying for immigration status, knowing that you need to get married there. This means you don’t have to apply for leave or employment permission from the Home Office.

With this document, you can live in the UK for six months, during which time you have to marry your fiance. After that, you get the right to apply for a spouse visa, which first lasts for 30 months, and then you get permanent resident status in the United Kingdom. All details related to this matter are available at

How long does it take to process the application and obtain such a visa?

According to the latest amendments to the immigration laws and rules, processing takes up to six months under the regular procedure or up to six weeks under the expedited procedure. Unsurprisingly, the expedited procedure is more expensive and you have more cash costs.

After that, the applicant exercises the right to stay in the UK according to the immigration law and the obligations that come from the residence permit or the visa.

What type of visa do you need before the marriage?


The UK offers two visa options for those wishing to marry their British partner. What is more important is that you are informed about all the formal and legal details. The immigration rules are clear and concise, and exceptions are almost never made on any basis.

However, you are entitled to the following visas:

Marriage visitor visa

This is a type of visa that is valid for six months. It is given to a partner or both partners to enter the UK and get married there. The procedure is easier if one of them already has British citizenship.

If the partners come from non-European countries, they must marry within the initial six months, otherwise, they have to leave the country.

Marriage visas allow a foreign national to marry a British citizen if both parties are over 18 years old. If the marriage takes place before entering the UK, then the couple should have lived together for at least two years. After the wedding, the couple will need to file an application with the Home Office. Applicants must prove that they intend to live permanently in the UK. Once their application is approved, the couple will receive a certificate stating that they are married to each other.

Fiance visa to the UK


This is the second of its kind which is also valid for six months. The only difference is that one of the partners must be British or already have British citizenship. Applying for a spouse visa is much easier because it can be done immediately after the marriage.

What both types of visas have in common is that they are only valid for a marriage and special permits are required to get permission to work or study there.

Can we use a dependent visa?

Dependent visas are given to children under 21 years of age who are unable to care for themselves due to illness or disability. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is able to take responsibility for them.

This visa can also be obtained by adults who are dependent on each other.

But when it comes to marriage, such a visa is invalid.

Does the family reunion visa also apply to the fiance?


Family reunification visas are granted to family members of those already settled in the UK. They are valid for five years and are renewable once. Applications are filed at the local council where the relative lives.

In general, due to the existence of enough options for marriage visas, this type is not valid in cases of a fiance permit to stay in the UK before the marriage. Make sure you stick to the standard procedure, to use all the benefits. Don’t risk being denied or penalized trying to over-smart the Home Office.


The United Kingdom is one of the countries where you can always have a comfortable life. Of course, the beauties of cities like London, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Leeds are just a bonus you get with your permanent stay there.

The administrative processes may be long, but we are sure that when the fiance visa procedure is completed, you will be able to enjoy your new British lifestyle.