Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a DUI Lawyer


DUI charges are common globally, with over 1 million cases reported in the US last year alone. DUI means driving under the influence, an offense that has adverse consequences. Most people opt to tackle their cases individually, which might cost them later.

The best way to maneuver through this process is by hiring a renowned DUI lawyer, as they help their clients get lighter sentences and regain their licenses. Hiring a DUI lawyer is costly at the beginning but has massive benefits.

Below we discuss the main factors to consider when hiring a DUI lawyer. Visit The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian for the best deals.



Experience is a crucial consideration when hiring a DUI lawyer, as it informs you they have handled many similar cases before, thus improving chances of getting less-harsher sentences. It will help to ensure the individual has the requirements to represent you before the jury.

Clients should ask about the lawyer’s certifications, licenses, and education to gauge their experience level. Everybody wants a lawyer conversant with what they are doing for the best results.

If possible, you should hire an attorney specializing in DUI cases for the best results.



Undoubtedly, communication is an important consideration when hiring a DUI lawyer. Remember, a DUI charge might significantly affect your life, and the last thing you want is an unresponsive lawyer. A reasonable attorney communicates with clients throughout the process and promptly answers all questions.

The best way to gauge their communication is by checking reviews from previous clients. No matter how experienced an attorney looks, it is always advisable to go through the review section to get a glimpse of their services.

These reviews will enable you to gauge their communication and, thus, determine whether they are perfect for the job.



All lawyers are expensive to hire, but they make this process much more manageable. Cost is not the only thing you should consider when hiring an attorney, but it is vital. Clients should check out how much an attorney charges for their services and develop a sound payment strategy.

However, you are advised against working with cheap lawyers, as they might have shoddy services that might cost you.

Firm Size

Checking the firm’s size is essential before hiring a DUI lawyer, as more established firms have the highest success rate. Checking the firm size also enables you to determine how much attention and time they will pay to your case, thus influencing your decision.

Small firms might be more dedicated to your case but might produce different results than established ones.

Qualities of a Good DUI Lawyer


DUI lawyers are highly available, and clients should research properly to hire the best one. These individuals are available in different types, and the main qualities to check are;

  • Excellent ethics record
  • Local representation
  • Great communication skills
  • Commitment to client cases
  • Detailed knowledge of DUI cases.

Final Thoughts


DUI cases are common globally, and you need the correct representation to beat these charges. The above article has discussed the main factors to consider when hiring a DUI lawyer, and more information is available online.