Does Fly Agaric Cause Hallucinations?


Another name for Fly agaric is Amanita Muscaria. It is predominantly found in the UK and grows ideally in temperate regions of the world. It is most commonly found among birch but also pine and spruce. Three words used to describe it are: famous, gorgeous, and toxic. Its appearance has captivated people for centuries and is said to have inspired the color combination of Santa Claus’ Christmas dress. The fly agaric has a bright red hood with white spots, which attracts many people.

Its present use in the medical field is an effective weapon against pain, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic diseases like cancer. Many people add a small dose of mushroom extract to tea to calm the mind and body. They can get their hands on the product at

Historical Relevance


Initially, it was used as a fly killer by using its aroma as a weapon to intoxicate them. The fungi were considered a mind-expansion substance and primarily used by the priestly class and sages as intermediaries to connect with the higher power. The Rig Veda is a historical text from 1500 BC, written by the Aryans. This text talks about Soma, which, apart from being called a moon god, was a ceremonial drink of importance at the time. This Soma is believed to have used the mushroom as one of the ingredients as it was thought to hold psychic powers.

The Siberians were avid believers in the substance. The fasting priests of the area ingested it, and their followers drank their urine to experience its psychedelic power. The reindeer were drawn to its aroma and, after ingestion, displayed drunken behavior. The reindeer would then be killed, and the Siberians consumed its meat to experience the same effect. The notion of flying reindeer is believed to have its origination point as a symbolic reference to the after-effects of agaric on reindeer.

Does Fly Agaric Cause Hallucinations?


The ancient ceremonial relevance of the mushroom is evidence of the psychotic alteration properties it holds. Contemporary studies have shown its power to contain and inhibit fear, which the Vikings believed to have been ingested before going to war to channel their rage and exhibit fearlessness.

The fatality rate on ingestion of this mushroom is low, and most symptoms relate to sensory distortions or mild hallucinations. The effects are known to last almost 8 hours and vary from person to person. Some people might witness the best and most exciting time of their lives and feel connected to the Universe in a complete sense, while some might go through a dreadful experience to the point of not retaking this mushroom. The common symptoms include:

  • Blurry visions and confusion of senses like feeling the colors or tasting a sight
  • Abrupt twitching of muscles
  • Uncontrolled shivering makes motor coordination an uphill task.
  • Nausea for those who usually have nightmares after the intake
  • Vomiting for some who are unable to digest the product.
  • Stomach cramps
  • Watery eyes and a runny nose
  • After consuming mushrooms, one enters a state of lucid dreaming and focuses on introspection and conversation with the subconscious, which leads to bizarre events in the head and body and random dreams once one sleeps.

Weird and nonsensical dreams are the most common effects that people experience. The sensory distortions disempower people to distinguish between reality and dream. It is difficult for them to share those visions later as they don’t make sense. The two ingredients of Ibotenic Acid and Muscimol are responsible for initiating a sedative effect on the mind and body. The body starts to feel heavy or light, and muscle coordination is disrupted after intake. The after-effects of ingestion are still under a scientific lens as a single product can excite the body, giving it an adrenaline rush and calming the body to experience lucid dreams and sleep well.

What Is the Adequate Dosage for Fly Agaric?


A product with hallucinogenic properties needs to be consumed with the utmost caution. If portions are taken higher than required, it can cause seizures and death. The dosage is not uniform across the globe. The active ingredients in the mushroom-like muscimol vary in different parts based on the humidity, rainfall, altitude, and species surrounding it. Any dose higher than 8–9 grams is lethal for the body and can significantly cause mental and physical damage.

A small dose of 1-2 grams is sufficient for those who wish to experience the hallucinations and lucid dreaming this product induces in the body. One should refer to the experts to take a higher dose.

Contemporary Relevance


Many people take microdoses of fly agaric to get creative inspiration from their subconscious. These microdoses help them experience evocative dreams that sometimes give birth to some of the best ideas for these people. It is the only mushroom that finds its place on emoji boards and in the legendary game of Mario. Those who struggle with sleep ingest the mushroom, which eases and relaxes the mind and body and helps in a sound sleep for the body to be rejuvenated the next day. Many people today use this to undergo spiritual experiences and witness unity with the Universe.

Multiple pieces of research have highlighted the possible uses of this plant. Communities historically, and even today, use it to relieve muscle pain and soreness in the body. Russian and European communities have traditionally used this plant to cure bruises and as a tropical medicine in homeopathy. Though ointments and other pain relief creams have come to the fore, their usage can still be found in these countries.


The fly agaric has been associated with an extraordinary history amongst some of the most potent world communities. The festival of Christmas with Santa Claus and flying reindeer has emerged out of the prevalent use of this mushroom. The medicinal values are being explored by researchers worldwide. Many papers have focused on its use as an anti-depressant, a pain killer, and a cure for insomnia. The mushroom is legal in most countries and continues to be used widely.