6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing and Planning your Swimming Pool

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One of the biggest investments is the swimming pool. Therefore, you should be very careful during this project. This means that you need to think carefully about each stage of the project, especially when it comes to design. Unfortunately, it is very easy to make a mistake that will cost you a lot of money. You will probably need to change important parts of the plan or do the project from scratch.

In order not to be forced to do that, it is best to consult a skilled pool designer. In addition, you need to know a few common mistakes in order to learn from other people’s experiences. Read on to find out what it is that people make the most mistakes when it comes to designing swimming pools and how to avoid these mistakes.

img source: pexels.com
  1. You have not hired a pool design company

You may have some great ideas, but if you are not an expert in this business, you may run into big problems. For example, people who have been involved in this profession for years know how to immediately assess which ideas are ready for realization and which are not. This is just one of the many skills that these experts possess.

Remember that it is not enough to design the look of the pool. It is mainly conditioned by the appearance of your yard or some other place where the pool should be installed. As you can see at smartselfcleaningpools.com.au there are numerous different shapes and types of pool, but you need help to choose best possible one for you.

So, the company that is responsible for building the pool can transform any design idea so that it fits in with the existing environment. Otherwise you will not get a functional pool or a good look of the space. This is a much bigger project than the pool itself, which is why you need help. The company will also point out all the costs you can expect. It will also draw your attention to many details that you may have forgotten, such as lighting, patio, etc.

  1. You do not have enough space for guests

This is another common mistake that people make without even realizing it at the beginning of the project. The biggest problem is that this error is noticed too late. In that case, the project must be done from scratch or major changes must be made that would cost you a lot. So it’s best to know at the beginning of the project how many people will be using your pool.

For example, try to understand the purpose for which you will use the pool. If you plan to gather a lot of people in one place and often have parties for more people, that means you need more space. You can also consult with a pool designer who will gather all the necessary information for you.

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  1. You don’t have a long-term plan

This project can be expensive, which means you should think ahead and follow a long-term plan. In that case, you will make a good investment. Whether you plan to finish the project at once or it will take place in stages, you need to stick to your goals so that you do not settle for a cheap option for your pool.

This is a very risky outcome that we would not recommend to you, because you will not enjoy top performance and longevity. Therefore, you must focus exclusively on materials that will meet all the standards of the pool and extend the life of your pool.

You may not have access to the future, but you can do something about it. There is always room to plan for potential future changes in your backyard, and a pool design expert can help you a lot. He will very successfully guide you through the future of protecting your area and everything else. For example, this includes installing plumbing to automate swimming pools, wire troughs under your yard for plumbing and maintenance later.

  1. You have not considered your needs

If you did not take into account your needs or the needs of your family when designing the pool, you have probably gone in the wrong direction. You should evaluate exactly why you want to install a pool and how you plan to use it. Otherwise, you will make one of the biggest mistakes when building a pool. This means that you will decide on something that will not be sufficient or functional at all for your needs.

So focus on your requirements and capabilities. Think about whether you like diving, whether you want to add some elements to your design in the pool. If this space is intended exclusively for entertainment, consider a space with a spa or seats.

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  1. You choose the wrong location

This is another common mistake you can make during the design phase. Although you originally imagined the perfect place in the yard to start construction, you need to make sure that this is really the right place.

You need to approach this project logistically and make sure you have a space large enough for a pool of the size you need. Avoid projects that are near power lines or other cables. Also, try to make the most of your space after finding the ideal location for the pool.

  1. Save on security

The first rule of a successful project is security. When designing a swimming pool, you should never ignore the safety regulations set by your city. It is also important not to skimp on features that will help you avoid problems and accidents.

Before you continue with the construction, you must make sure that you have all the necessary permits and follow the guidelines related to your construction. Don’t forget all the safety features that await you, such as automatic pool covers, closing the pump, etc. These are useful tools that will prevent potential danger.

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When creating your ideal pool, it is important to make sure that you consider every detail. Don’t forget that the pool will be your place for rest, fun or recreation. You will surely spend a lot of time there, which means that you have to work hard on its construction.

We are sure that you want everything to be perfect for you to enjoy. Otherwise, you can make mistakes that will take away your enjoyment and instead create serious problems and headaches that you will have to deal with.