Death Note Season 2 Release Date – Is This Series Coming in 2024!


Death Note is a Japanese anime series that consists of 37 episodes in the first part. The story is produced by Madhouse and directed by Tetsuro Araki. The series made its first debut on television in October 2006, after that, it was released worldwide along with subtitles. It has earned a lot of success and now has over 30 million copies of it.

The story of Death Note is from the manga series which refers to comic and graphic books written in Japan. It follows a book titled “Death Note” belonging to “Shinigami” who is the death god in Japanese culture.

The book has some supernatural powers that have the ability to kill the people whose names are mentioned in it. It could be a disaster to have this book in human hands. People are anxiously waiting for part two after the success of the first part. Keep reading the Death Note Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2024!

Death Note Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2024!

Plot Summary Of The “Death Note” Season 1


The lead character of the story is Light Yagami who is a brilliant student but has nothing thrilling to do in his life. It is until he finds a book titled “Death Note”, that he realizes that the book belongs to a death god called Shinigami.

The book possesses supernatural properties, that is, people whose names are written on the book will die. Light Yagami thinks of a noble cause and wants to clean the world from all the villains and criminals using that book.

Owning a supernatural thing can be a disaster for humans, therefore, there can be chances that the book turns Light Yagami into someone evil. Now that Light Yagami is the new owner of the Death Note, he is able to use its power.

He starts working upon a mission to eliminate evil from the world and create a peaceful world of his own. He starts killing all the criminals using that book which causes an uproar among people.

The lawmakers Interpol are suspicious of the mass deaths and suspect something unusual. They hire the top detective named L Lawliet whose identity isn’t known. He is convinced that someone is behind the mass killing and gives a common name to the killer “Kira”.

Light isn’t happy with all this happening in Japan and mistakenly exposes himself and his whereabouts. This happens due to L playing tricks on him which deeply angers Light. He now wants to eliminate L from the face of the world.

The Kira case is being strictly followed, Light has all the information about the police movements partly because his father Soichiro Yagami is a police officer. Partly because Ryuk, who is a Shinigami, gives him all the information about what’s happening.


Ryuk tells Light that he can have Shinigami’s eyes if he sacrifices half of his life. Only then will he be able to see the total lifespan of people, to which he refuses.

The story follows the death of 12 FBI agents caused by Light. The angry light kills them when L sends a watari named Raye Penber after Light. He forcefully asks Raye to write the names of all the agents involved in the Kira case on a piece of Death Note.

This incident instills a deep fear among the authorities. The case is closed however, Naomi Misora who is Raye’s fiancée turns against Light with vengeance.

Light kills Naomi Misora when he finds out she seeks revenge on him. L suspects everyone after the death of Naomi Misora and asks to install cameras everywhere including Light home. Light finds out about the cameras with the help of Ryuk and tricks everyone.


In the meantime, he continues killing criminals. L suspicion about Light grows stronger and he decides to meet him in person. L introduces himself to Light as Hideki Ryuga and later reveals that he is L in reality.

Light seeks to find more information about L so that he can easily kill him using Death Note. Meanwhile, Light’s father suffers from a heart attack and is hospitalized. Light is heavy-hearted and promises his father that he will find Kira. Light also gives himself to prison for a month to prove his innocence to L.

Meanwhile, there seems to be another Kira when a Skura TV broadcast voice tapes of Kira. L sends an agent to Sakura TV station to bring the tape, but he dies a mysterious death along with two others. Light’s father manages to recover tapes from Sakura headquarters and bring them to the FBI office. Meanwhile, there is news about another Kira named Rem when a girl Misa Amane blurts out about him out of admiration. She also has traded for shinigami eyes.

Light and L work in union to find out about the second Kira, Misa sends a recording claiming that he knows the identity of the first Kira. Light gets in a panic and decides to meet Misa only to find out she has fallen in love with him. Ryuk and Light plan on using Misa to mislead L and kill him.

Light gives himself in confinement and wants to remove himself from the ownership of Death Note. There is a new spurt of killing that too among businessmen and politicians which indicates that the second Kira is killing for money. They also find out that Tosuba Group is using a third Kira for mass killings. Misa regains her Shinigami eyes and finds out Kyosuki Higuchi is the third Kira.


The third Kira is captured and Light takes hold of the Death Note. Upon touching it, he regains his memories of being the first Kira. Light kills the third Kira by writing his name on the Death Note. He must use the book after every thirteen days or else Light will die. Misa seeks the second Death Note upon Light’s orders and trades for Shinigami’s eyes for the second time.

Rem wouldn’t reveal much about the second Death Note so that she can prevent Misa and Light from getting involved in crimes. Rem kills Light and a watari and Light gets hold of her Death Note. Light kills people of the Yotsuba group, erases L’s documentation of the Kira case, and becomes his successor in the case.

He also joined the National Police Agency. Two new characters are introduced named Mello and Near who are possible successors of L. Mello leaves the orphanage to pursue the Kira case.

Mello Kidnap’s Light’s sister demands the Death Note. Meanwhile, the investigation team receives a call from near claiming that he has all the information about Kira. In the meantime, Light’s father hands the Death Note over to Mello so he can get his daughter back. We also see another shinigami talk about his lost Death Note.

Soichiro trades with Ryuk to have Shinigami’s eyes and attempts to kill Mello by learning his true name. While attempting to do so, Soichiro is shot dead. In the search of finding the first Kira, many die. At the end of the series, Light reveals his true identity as Kira but his sanity is shaken. Ryuk writes Light’s name in the death note which causes his death due to cardiac arrest.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date


After the success of Death Note season 1, people are waiting for Death Note Season 2. Almost 15 years have passed since the first part has completed, and there hasn’t been any news about the second part. Neither is there any trailer for the second part? If there has to be Death Note season 2, it would be a prequel or sequel based on the Japanese manga series.

For instance, it could be based on Death Note: Another Note – The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases” which is a popular graphic series of Manga stories. Or the story could be about “Death Note: The a-Kira story” which is also from the manga series. However, nobody really knows the Death Note season 2 release date.

There could be an entirely new story according to the possibilities. Since the lead Light dies at the end of season 1 and sees an image of L so there is a possibility of L coming back to life. Moreover, since Ruky is immortal, the new story could be based on his life. There is also another possibility of a story about the gods and we might see some new characters in Death Note season 2.

In addition to that, some more characters such as Mello and Near were introduced towards the end of the first season. There could be a possibility that the new storyline will be about them. We have seen people and even countries fighting over the Death Note so the storyline can take inspiration from it. Also, there could be some new and nefarious Kira in the next season.

In the end, we can only assume stories since there is no news on the Death Note season 2 release date, and nor is there any trailer for the fans. We can expect the new season might come put in 2024 but it isn’t confirmed yet. We will only know when the producers release a trailer and confirmation date till then we will keep guessing.


What is the Death Note about?

Death Note is a Japanese manga series about a bored student Light Yagami who finds a book called Death Note. The book is dropped by Ryuk, who is a death god, in the human world and possesses supernatural properties. It can kill anyone whose name is written on it. Upon learning Light decides to kill all the criminals from the world to create a better world.

Is Death Note available worldwide?


Yes, the series initially came out on Japanese TV channels in 2006. After its success, it was made available worldwide along with subtitles. Ever since the series made its debut worldwide, it has received a lot of popularity. It now has up to 30 million copies circulating worldwide and people are still watching it because they find it that good?

Will Death Note season 2 ever come out?

People have grown a fondness for this season all across the world and they are waiting for the second part. The first season often follows a second and so on, but there is no news from the production team. However, rumors have it that the second part is under process but it isn’t confirmed. The story of the first part is complete with Light being dead, but he sees a reflection of L which can give initiation to a news story.

The Bottom Line

The Death Note is an incredible Japanese animated series featuring a boy who gets his hands on a supernatural book called Death Note. He aims at killing all the criminals from the face of the world to create a better world. However, the book with power turns him into somewhat an evil killer and the whole world seems to be investigating him.

The killings lead to chaos, he shows his identity at the end and dies. People loved the first season big time and hoping for a second one, but is there going to be Death Note season 2? If yes, what will be the release date? Read the article above to know more.