5 Common Pest Infestations and How to Prevent Them

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Pest extermination these days is a thriving business. Dealings with rodents, bugs, and termites are indeed an expensive service. But why pay much when prevention methods can also be effective and affordable?

Yes, there are many ways to stop pest infestation, even before it shows signs. And, what is the best way to prevent pest infestation? Discover as you read this article.

How Does a Pest Infestation Happen?

Typical pests or insects can settle in almost any surroundings. But they can reproduce and increase rapidly over a short period when left undisturbed. Infestation is when their increase starts causing problems, such as property damage, health issues, and annoyance.

Rats will start opening holes in your walls. Insect nests on ceiling corners are warning signs of wasp infestation. Maggots brought by flies begin to emerge on your meats.

They will come and thrive as long as open trash, food sources, and places are available.

What Are the Most Common Infestations?

Rat Attack

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Whether at home or work, rats can cause significant damage and health hazards. They chew valuable objects such as wires, furniture, and food. Rats also spread various diseases, including the potentially fatal hantavirus and leptospirosis.

Mice Infestation

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Mice are smaller versions of rats and stay mainly inside the house. Yet they could inflict the same damage by nibbling on clothes, shoes, and other vital items. Even small digital items are prone to their attack.

Termite Invasion

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Termites can eat inner portions of lumber or wood furniture hidden from sight. These structures become hollow, weak, and ready to collapse within days. Managing this problem needs constant inspection for wood damage and serious pest control.

Cockroach Problem

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Cockroaches can be one of the most challenging pests to prevent. Tiny cracks and crevices are enough to welcome these resilient insects with a strong sense of smell. And before you know it, they are out to contaminate your meals and surfaces with their waste.

Mosquito Threat

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Mosquitoes fall into two main types only, the Culicidae and Anophelinae. But it has more than 3000 varieties capable of transmitting deadly diseases. Thus, the presence of even just a few is already a pest infestation sign.

How to Prevent the Most Common Infestations?

Remove potential food sources like exposed leftovers, rotting meat, and pet kennels to reduce the chances of thriving pests. Food is the primary magnet that attracts flies, cockroaches, and rodents. Place tight covers on trash bins.

Use approved insecticides to prevent insect eggs, grubs, and larvae from settling. If adult termites, mosquitos, and cockroaches can’t survive aerosols, how much more are the young? Just observe proper caution to avoid unnecessary suffocation or inhalation.

Seal up holes and patch cracks that are penetrable for insects and rodents. Likewise, always clean and sanitize vacant spaces to avert possible migration of potential pests.

Stock water also needs to be thrown away to avoid mosquitoes multiplying.

Please take advantage of our home pets. Cats still stand out as the best mice-catchers or repellers. Likewise, gogs can immediately track distant rodents, squirrels, or raccoons.

Lastly, pay attention to pre-construction soil and wood treatment against termites. They are still the best preventative measure against termite buildup. Tracking down and removing nearby termite colonies is also an advantage.

Get Rid of Pests

You cannot choose what pest will threaten your privacy and peace. But you can stop their advancement once a sign of pest infestation appears.

Select the best option to get rid of your pests. You deserve a home free of pest infestation.

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