5 Biggest Automotive Industry Trends & Innovations in the Last 15 Years

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Innovations and innovations in the functioning of the world are what moves humanity forward and give it new opportunities for success. This is what we are all focused on, and especially the teams of scientists who constantly want to add a new and different dimension to human life. Otherwise, we have innovations and innovations from every possible aspect, and especially lately there are more and more of them in the field of the automotive industry because many manufacturers are fighting to give drivers a timeless and above all comfortable feeling of driving while in cars.

Above all, the goal of every manufacturer is to give their customers a vehicle that will be safe. Today we are all aware of how unpredictable the traffic is and how many unscrupulous drivers are part of the traffic. That’s why automotive manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, and Lexus are fighting to provide their customers with the safest possible vehicle in which drivers and their passengers will feel safe and at no risk. they will want to drive again and again. In addition, they strive to give car drivers a new dimension in driving that they are constantly striving to be as good as possible. In order to be as good as possible, they are constantly testing and exploring new ideas to get as close as possible to drivers and car users.

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In their tests are often found some things that have not been part of the cars in terms of capabilities. With these new ideas that they are testing, they want to surprise the users and say a big thank you because they have decided exactly on their brand and the model that they have decided on. That is the innovation, these are the ideas that are surprising at first glance, but also with a very positive impact on the feeling of driving.

There have been many such ideas and innovations over the years. Car manufacturers over the years have made many concessions that have tried to give consumers the opportunity to buy a new car with new features. Since there were many of them, let’s see what are some of the biggest and best innovations and trends that have been followed in the past 15 years, and which are a favorite with drivers from the moment of publication until today.

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  1. Video parking system – the first place in this list belongs to the video parking system which in recent years has proven to be a particularly desirable and used option in vehicles. We all know that parking used to be a nightmare for everyone and it took a lot of time, especially for those who were a little more clumsy as drivers. But today parking is much easier and more fun, and at the same time safer for you and the vehicle. This is thanks to this system, which was first introduced by manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, and Lexus, which with the help of innovative technology, advanced car equipment such as the one you can find at STS-Global.com and much hard work given drivers a great auxiliary tool that will give them always a neat and safe parked vehicle.
  2. Anti-skid system – we all know how much headache the snow is, and especially the ice that appears with the melting snow. Sometimes drivers see great pain and suffering from the ice, even on the cleanest roads, because as the snow melts, puddles of water form, which then freeze and create problems. Because winter tires are not enough in such areas, the companies decided to work on a system that would prevent excessive slipping on vehicles, and they succeeded. This innovation today saves a large number of drivers from unpleasant situations, which is why they are grateful for this wonderful solution.

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  3. Anti-shock and anti-scratch sensors – Another moment that has moved car driving standards are anti-shock and anti-scratch sensors. These sensors are something that every car lacks. Why? Because with the help of these sensors now every driver can safely pass by another vehicle, can safely pass a facility without fear of scratching his vehicle, and can prevent many other situations that would mean scratching or destroying the vehicle. This is a help that has long been sought after and is now available to anyone who needs it. The sensors are now here to save our vehicle from an unforeseen move that could lead to scratches and unnecessary costs.
  4. Constant speed adapter – long rides can be very strenuous and really time consuming. Long distances can tire the driver, but also tire his legs. That is why the manufacturers have been thinking for a long time and came up with a great solution that can help drivers a lot, and that is the system for adjusting or fixing the desired speed. So now every driver can adjust his speed to stay the same according to the signalization and road conditions and get from one location to another faster and more planned. This solution was welcomed with great joy, and it is visible today.

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  5. Multimedia screen – one of the favorite accessories of the new vehicles are the multimedia screens that Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, and Lexus have in particular, which offer great advanced capabilities during travel. This was a great breakthrough in the automotive industry which proved to be a long-awaited experience for drivers. With the help of these multimedia screens, drivers have access to music content, Bluetooth connectivity, driving maps, a view of the back of the vehicle while parking, and many other great features. This has long been awaited by drivers, and today is their reality and innovative addition without which they can not go on any trip.

But it is good to know that the innovation and great ideas of the car manufacturers do not end here. They will not stop but will continue to surprise their customers even more and even better, and for the novelties we will have to be patient and wait to see in a year or two what will be a new trend that will be imposed in the form of innovation by of innovators in the automotive industry.