Best Christmas Online Slots to Play


Christmas season… the perfect time of the year to get together with family and exchange gifts, eat your favorite foods, and play some online slots together. Yes, we know, playing slots is not everyone’s kind of fun, but it can be great. Just as many other games at online casinos, these provide a lot of fun, and can be played  in groups. Of course, many players love to keep the games to themselves, and this is possible even at family gatherings thanks to the development of smartphones.

We love to play casino slots like the Fruit Blast slot game in the festive period, but there’s one thing that’s better than playing standard slots and that’s the special Christmas themed slot games! That’s right, online casinos have you covered in this department. The technology has come a long way, so today, we have hundreds of customized slot machines. Some of them come around only during holidays, while some casinos have Christmas themed games all yea around. Have you ever played one of these, Christmas slots? If not, the upcoming holiday season might be the opportunity you have been waiting for.  Or, if you want to play some right now, that’s fine to. Christmas is every day when you find the right online casino.

If you haven’t heard of these yet, don’t miss out – here are the best Christmas online slots to play for Christmas 2024! We’re going to be taking a look at:

–          Secret Santa

–          The Naughty List

–          The Nice List

–          A Christmas Carol

Christmas Classics


One of our favorite things about Christmas is Secret Santa, and we’re not talking about the gift-giving! Secret Santa is an epic slot game brought to us this Christmas by Microgaming, boasting a whopping 1024 different ways to win! There are tons of features to look forward to – spin the Secret Santa wild card, the Cracker scatter symbol or if you’re lucky enough gain the Holiday Spirit. All of these bonuses will result in epic bonuses, free spins and multipliers with rounds such as ‘Scatter Spree’ and ‘Mystery Multiplier’. That’s the spirit! It would also be rude to not mention another favourite of ours, A Christmas Carol. Whether you read the book, watched the classic film or adored the Muppets iconic remake, we all love the story of A Christmas Carol. Well don’t worry, this slot machine does it tons of justice and is one of our favourite Christmas online slots to play this year. This game has six reels and quite frankly a jaw-dropping 200,704 different ways to win. Along with the fantastic graphics and Christmas music, it really is a must play. Don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge!

Scrooge Megaways


Here, we are going to single out a particular game in this paragraph. This miser and gambling don’t go hand in hand, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Is there a person you want to beat and take its money more than Scrooge? Probably not. Yes, he’s a fictional character but by playing this game you can take some real money. It doesn’t all have to be about the Christmas festivities. But, if you’re into it, iSoftBet took some inspiration from Charles Dickens and now we have this brutal game. It’s a six-reel game, that comes with some great features, including frequent multipliers. If you want to wander in this side of Christmas and have a go at this old miser Scrooge Megaways Slot might be just what you were looking for. A Christmas revelation of the sort.

Plenty of Presents Slot


Another one, we wanted to single out. Just For the Win and Microgaming did a great job with this one. Plenty of presents is as good as its name suggests. It goes in line with the holidays, and the player just loves this iteration.   It has regular rounds and plenty of bonus ones. When you see it five and then reels you’ll be swiped off your feet. Not to mention the multipliers. Bonuses are great, and they come in the form of free spins which can amount to up to thirty. The icing on the cake is the Jingle Wilds which is the ultimate bonus. When you check out this one you’ll feel like Christmas is right around the corner. When you hit the jackpot you’ll be feeling those warm New Year’s fireworks.

The Naughty and Nice Lists


Every year coming up to Christmas we have to consider something very important… will we be on Santa’s naughty list or nice list? Personally we think we’ll be on the nice list, but there’s a great way to help you figure it out – play these fantastic Christmas online slots based on those exact lists. The naughty list was first to come about, being released by Realtime Gaming in 2014. However, after it’s roaring success 2015 saw the game have a sequel, ‘The Nice List’. Both games are must plays in the Christmas slots world and offer tons of exciting content such as detailed bonus rounds, tons of Christmas themed symbols and addictive gameplay. However, we particularly love the Christmas aesthetic – look forward to seeing:

–          Glossy aesthetic themed around old fashioned Christmas cards

–          Naughty Santa’s elves character that serve as a bit of eye candy for the blokes!

–          Beautiful Christmas music

Snowy Slots


Overall, Christmas is a fantastic time of the year and the slot industry know this, so have provided us tons of epic Christmas themed online slot games for us to enjoy. Get yourself some mulled wine and Christmas cake and settle down with some of these fantastic online Christmas slots – we hope Santa is good to you, but that all depends on whether you’re on the naughty or nice list! Even if you’re on neither, you can make your own destiny. The best way to go around Christmas is to have your android device nearby, prepared to get engaged into some online gambling. Christmas slots are many, and as we suggested they are the best option you can play during the holiday season. You know how they say? It’s that time of the year, maybe even the casinos are going not get generous.