The Top 7 Benefits Of Adding Roller Shutters To Your Summer Shopping List

The Top 7 Benefits Of Adding Roller Shutters To Your Summer Shopping List

Are you looking for new window coverings for your business or residential property? Would you prefer an option that offers your guests privacy and weather protection while at the same time being energy-efficient?

With these requirements in mind, many business and residential owners are considering the roller shutters Dandenong locals prefer. If you’re shortlisting various window covering options, it’s important to include roller shutters if you want great results.

A Few Good Reasons to Consider Roller Shutters

When you’re creating your window covering shortlist, you might be wondering if covering types as old as roller shutters is still a viable option in a modern space. Fortunately, roller shutters have evolved with the times and their new electronic versions are as effective as ever. Here are a few significant reasons that make roller shutters an excellent idea.

1. Energy-Efficient

Any home or business upgrade or addition should ideally be as energy-efficient as possible. Since the average Australian household power bill ranges between $1,500 and $1,700 per year, you’re looking for a window covering that can contribute to lowering this cost.

Roller shutters can effectively keep the summer heat out and the winter heat in. This can potentially reduce your annual power consumption by up to 64%. Since roller shutters are insulated with a foam filling installed under the shutter, your energy savings are maximized.

2. Offers Weather Protection

We don’t have to tell you that Australian weather takes some getting used to! In addition, studies have shown that the rate of global warming has doubled in the past 50 years.

This type of extreme weather not only affects you but your home as well. Extreme sun rays can cause significant damage to your windows, furniture, and even carpets. Roller shutters, luckily, will absorb the heat, ensuring that there’s very little heat transfer to your furnishings.

Even closing your shutters halfway will reduce the amount of sun that enters your space on a sizzling hot day. Furthermore, roller shutters will protect your windows from hailstorms, gusts of wind, and harsh rains.

3. Increase Privacy

Increase Privacy

We’ve all encountered a nosy neighbor at some point. They can be extremely annoying when you’re trying to have a private function at home. Moreover, homes or offices that are close to the street have the added nuisance of being exposed to the prying eyes of passers-by.

Adding roller shutters allows you to create an additional level of privacy between the inside of your home and your nosy neighbors. Having roller shutters on your windows is also an excellent way to keep potential criminals from checking what you have in your home that they may want to come and take.

4. Added Bush Fire Protection

Recent years have seen record-breaking temperatures aggravating bushfires in some areas across Australia. This is quite possibly among the worst fears of every resident living in the drier areas.

Fortunately, quality roller shutters are designed to provide your windows and doors with maximum window fire protection, especially in high-risk areas. Many roller shutters are insulated to withstand extreme heat, ensuring that the windows don’t shatter in the heat.

5. Options Are Customisable

Another factor that makes roller shutters so popular is that you can customize them to suit your décor and your specific requirements. Furthermore, roller shutters can be custom-fitted to accommodate any shape or size of window or door. With a range of powder coating options available, you’ll even be able to choose a color that suits your unique space.

6. Adds Climate Control

Adds Climate Control

Living in a home or working in an office that has a high level of climate control creates the ideal environment that ensures comfort. Opting for roller shutter slats that insulate and reflect the sun will ensure the summer sun doesn’t seep in through the windows all day and make rooms too hot.

And they work for both warm and cold climates thanks to good insulation!

It’s estimated that roller shutters can reduce summer heat by up to 90% and colder temperatures by about 70%. This can effectively make your home about 15° warmer in the winter and 15° cooler in the warmer months.

7. Increases Resale Value to Your Home or Business

When potential buyers are looking to invest in a new home or business property, they often streamline their search criteria to include homes with external window coverings. They may be willing to pay a little extra if such features are already in place and they don’t have to do it themselves.

Potential buyers are also more inclined to want to see the inside if the exterior looks neat. Luckily, a home or business with roller shutters instantly creates a considerably impressive curb appeal.

All of this could lead to you getting your asking price!

If you’re looking for effective ways to increase your property value, then adding roller shutters is a definite way to go!

Final Thoughts

roller shutter home

With the benefits highlighted, it’s easy to see why many home and business owners are opting to add roller shutters.

In addition to their customizable features, the protection offered from potential bushfires is a massive draw card. Keep your family safe and reduce your energy consumption at the same time – it’s a win-win!