How Does a Belviq Class Action Lawsuit Work?


Everyone is chasing a perfect body, a perfect life, and an easy way to get all of those. Unfortunately, we all know that greatness comes with a price and that nothing that comes easy comes without consequences. On the market, we’ve seen a lot of things and a lot of products that promise us that we will change our life by just sitting at home and watching TV. The Belviq drug was one of those things that promised a perfect figure without any issues. If you know anything about this product you probably know that many of the patients who decided to take this product, unfortunately, ended up developing cancer. In this article, we are going to talk more about this class action lawsuit and we will tell you how it works and what are the steps to successfully finishing it.

Who is eligible for the legal proceeding?

The first question that patients have is who is eligible to become part of this class action judicial proceeding. There are two main criteria that will determine if you are eligible for this and they include the patient being a legal adult, or over the age of 18, and them taking a type of lorcaserin for weight loss, including Belviq.

Keep in mind that you can talk to an attorney in case a loved one took this medication and even if the case is that your loved one passed away after another successful cancer treatment. As you will read down below, your attorney will ask you a list of questions when it comes to this and they will give you more information on how the class action litigation works and what are the steps that will be taken to ensure the success of this process and you getting the justice you deserve.

How does it work?


This lawsuit is still in the process of collecting information and gathering patients and the main goal is to prove that the side effects of the medication were far greater than what was advertised and that people unknowingly accepted all of the risks that came with the drug.

There are two claims that will be brought to light and that are a main part of the claim and they include a defective design as well as the failure to warn about the side effects that included cancer. Currently, there is a lot of evidence that is resurfacing that the defendant knew what they were doing and they chose to hide information from the general public when it comes to the side effects. Even physicians did not know any of the risks or any of the Belviq side effects when they were prescribing this medication to their patients and they were led to believe that this medication is going to help their patients and not actually bring them one of the worst diagnoses.

The Belviq lawsuit is created to help individuals who are undergoing treatment for cancer because of taking the drug all who had lost the loved one that was using this medication. Give the patients we’re aware of the side effects and the potential risk of cancer. Many of them would have probably chosen not to take this medication and this class action litigation is designed to help them get at least some justice after the worst diagnosis.

What are the questions your attorney might ask you?


Finally, let’s talk about the questions that you will be required to answer if you want to become a part of the class action judicial proceeding. As we previously mentioned the first question is going to be if you were an adult, over the age of 18 when you first started using this medication. Only individuals who were legally adults are allowed to become part of this lawsuit.

The next thing that you will be asked is to give information on your overall health and your previous diagnosis. If you had been diagnosed with cancer before taking this medication and if you have been battling with this diagnosis for a long time, you will not be eligible to become part of it.

Another thing that is crucial is to provide information and evidence that you have been using lorcaserin. If you can find any receipts or any other documents that you have been taking this medication it is greatly going to help and support the class action litigation. You will also be asked to give information on how long you had been using the medication as well as the last time you used it. This is going to help a lot when it comes to the support of the case and it will give a better timeline for learning more about the side effects of this drug and when people got diagnosed.

You will be asked to give information when it comes to your overall medical records as well as your diagnosis. Currently, there are three types of cancer that are named in the Belviq class action judicial proceeding, and they include lung, pancreatic, and colorectal cancer. However, if you have been diagnosed with another type of cancer after using the medication you can still be eligible to become part of the litigation.

Keep in mind that you need to have proof of your diagnosis as well as the treatment and medical records. In case you are seeking justice for a loved one that passed away after using lorcaserin, you will be required to provide documentation when it comes to their initial diagnosis, the course of treatment, as well as information about their death.


All of these questions are going to be difficult and emotional to answer but they’re going to help you out a lot when it comes to the lawsuit. Your attorney will more likely ask a lot of additional questions and they will ask you to provide all the documentation possible starting from the moment you started using this product up to the day you’re meeting with them.

If you have been taking this medication and if you got diagnosed with cancer then the best thing you can do is gather all your medical records and documentation and talk to an attorney that will represent you in a court of law and that will help you become part of the Belviq class action judicial proceeding. Your attorney will walk you through the process and they will give an answer to all the questions that you may have when it comes to this process.