Are Argentina Favourites For the 2024 Qatar World Cup


The beauty of the World Cup is that we have all the best teams in the world competing against each other, and above all, surprises are something of a must during this tournament. That is why it is the second biggest sports event in the world, as fans from all over the world gather and watch the best teams “fighting” to win the famous WC trophy. Now, there are always favorites like Brazil, France, and Spain, and you can never doubt that Germany will perform in big tournaments, but this year could be the one when Argentina could dominate.

The last World Cup for Messi

There is no doubt that Messi is one of the most popular and most loved Argentinian players, and the fact that this is his last opportunity to win the World Cup trophy makes people around the world sad. He has fans all over the globe, not only in Argentina, and this tournament is the end of one saga. Because of that, he and Argentina will get great support, as many people would love to see him raising this important trophy as the crown of his amazing career. We all know that great supporters are like the twelfth player on the field, and there is no doubt that Argentina will have that advantage.

Besides that, Messi himself will surely give his best to succeed, and thanks to the great club atmosphere, his teammates will do the same too. Now, the thing that makes this tournament so special for Argentina is the great atmosphere within the team, which was not something we could say in some of their past tournaments. That is why this team is ranked so high to go all the way and bring joy to the Argentinian fans once more, as this is the last and probably the best chance to go all the way and lift that trophy, which is something Argentina national team hasn’t done since 1986.

The missing trophy


There is also a personal angel as this is one of the few trophies Messi hasn’t won, which just means he is even more eager to win it. Furthermore, since there is much talk about who is the best footballer in history, lifting the WC trophy would help him get recognition as GOAT from everyone. Of course, individual awards and achievements are not the main topic here but are still something every player wants to win, and when you are inches away from being the best there ever was, it’s just one more motive. All in all, we can expect big things for this Argentina side, and their first match against Saudi Arabia should prove these claims.

Copa America winners

Winning Copa America is a great honor, and since Argentina has beaten Brazil in their most popular stadium in the Copa America finale, it is not a surprise that their self-confidence is boosted to the maximum. It was a great match for both teams, but it can be only one winner, and winning this title is a great introduction to the upcoming World Cup. Although WC is a much more difficult tournament since there are the best national teams from all over the world, there is no doubt that Argentina is among the favorites to win that trophy too. On the plus side, that tournament was yet another that Argentina wasn’t able to win on many occasions, which frustrated everyone, even Messi, and this last tournament surely changed everything. Their morale, confidence, and how much they are eager to prove themselves is something we can expect this Argentina squad to lead to the very end of the tournament.

Amazing winning streak


Playing for a national team is always something special, and most players try their best in order to win. When it comes to Argentinian players, they can be proud of themselves and their performance, as they are on a long winning streak of 36 games without losing. Regarding the fact that national teams do not play that often, it is a pretty long period, and every fan hopes that this streak will be even longer. The record is already broken, but we are all eager to see how far Argentinian players can go and whether they are able to get to the finals without losing a single game. They do not miss the quality and will, but we will see what this tournament will bring to them.

The bracket

We must admit that the draw was kind towards Argentina, placing them in the group with Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Mexico, as it makes them firm favorites to finish first in their group, which will make their journey in this WC much easier. Namely, if they finish first, the knockout stage can get much easier, and their road ‘to the semifinals would be open. As for what we can expect, well, we all hope for a football classic in the semifinals, and if everything goes right and there are no big surprises, we can expect Brazil and Argentina to play in the semifinals of the tournament. It would be a final before finals, and something that every football enthusiast would love to see, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and simply enjoy how this Argentina team plays.


To summarize

There is no doubt that Argentina has a huge chance of winning the World Cup and getting the prestigious trophy home, but the tournament is just started, and many national teams will try to do the same. It is great for football fans from all over the globe as they can enjoy watching football and betting on the winners, and even much more if they find a reliable website. As Arrigo Sacchi once said, “football is the most important of the unimportant things in life,” and you can use that knowledge and passion to win some money along the way. If you are one of them and do not have time for long research on which online bookmaker is the best but want the trustworthy one with great game offers, there is no need to worry, as we have a safe solution. All you need to do is to visit bet at home and start predicting the upcoming matches.