Different Types Of Cannabis Vape Cartridges And Tips For Choosing

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Consumers of cannabis already know that they can use it in many different ways. In recent years, vapes are in trend – due to their practical design and simple way of use. However, each vape requires a certain liquid filling – that is, a cartridge. With a large number of different types of vape-filling cases, it is not always easy to make the right choice. So take a look at some of the tips that can help you choose the best vape cartridge for you.

The Vape: A Practical Way to Use Cannabis

The use of cannabis is becoming less and less mystified within years. Namely, we are talking about a plant that has been known since ancient times, but over time, it has been sanctioned – many will say completely for no reason. However, nowadays things are changing in this regard – and today, more and more countries have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational and health purposes. Speaking of recreational users, the way of consuming marijuana can be different. The so-called vape has been extremely popular in recent years. Designed as a small electronic device that has a cartridge filled with a liquid containing cannabis – the vape has proven to be an extremely practical thing that you can use regularly. However, today we can find many different types of cannabis vape cartridges on the market – so it is not easy for us to make a choice.

How To Choose Vape Cartridges?

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If you have decided to switch to cannabis cartridges, your choice will not be easy. Today on the market, we have different types of cartridges for vaping – and sometimes, it’s hard to choose the one that will suit us the most. Namely, depending on the purpose and your experience with the vape – the vape-filling cases you will use will also depend. Of course, not all cartridges are the same, but they all have advantages and disadvantages. It is not always easy to choose because some cartridges will be more suitable for you and some will not. Therefore, we hope that when you read our tips regarding the types of cartridges – you will be able to make a good choice for yourself.

Cartridge Types

Usually, when we talk about such vapes, it is clear to us that each oil tank contains the same thing, and that’s cannabis. However, according to krtcarts.org, many other things are different. There are, for example, those cartridges that contain resin, full-spectrum cannabis oil, terpene, etc. We will list some of the most common types of vape-filling cases that you can find on the market – to make it easier for you to choose according to your needs.

● Cartridges with carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is very often used in vape liquids, and marijuana vapes are no exception. Namely, carbon dioxide is a truly good and at the same time non-toxic solvent. When we talk about the marijuana vape industry, carbon dioxide is used very often because it has the ability to separate certain components of cannabis, such as CBD or THC, from others present. It is precisely this solvent feature that produces concentrated cannabis oil as a product. With this type of highly concentrated oil, you will come across some natural chemical compounds that are considered to have several medical and health benefits.

● Cartridges with full spectrum oil

Full-spectrum cannabis oils are considered the highest quality in this industry, and most buyers already know that, so they are not surprised when they see the slightly higher price of these fillings. The reason for this is precisely the full spectrum – which means that such an oil contains absolutely all the molecules that you can find in a certain type of cannabis. These oils have a true natural aroma and the best effect, so we can say that the higher price for a full range of oils and cartridges is indeed justified.

● Cartridges containing live resin

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For users who like to feel a slightly stronger taste, this will absolutely be a good choice. Namely, oil tanks with this type of filling contain oil rich in terpenes. It is very significant to note that this type of oil is produced in a slightly different way. Namely, after harvesting, the plant is first frozen – and then kept frozen during the oil extraction process. As the producers claim, this way, the natural properties of the plant are preserved – and this makes consumers feel a more intensive smell and taste. It is considered that they can be an excellent choice for those users who are used to a constant and stronger rhythm of use.

● Cartridges with terpene-infused oils

As with the previous ones, the rule that applies here is that they are most often used by consumers who want to feel a more intense smell and taste. In general, terpenes serve to give the oil in the cartridges a smoother structure. These oils also have a very intense aroma, so those who are fans of a stronger taste have nothing but good words for these types of oils and cartridges.

It Is Very Important To Find A Reliable Supplier

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That is clear. Namely, today this industry is on the rise, and therefore a lot of suppliers have appeared on the market who get vape-filling cases through unverified channels. Therefore, you must have a reliable and licensed supplier. Of course, we want to enjoy vaping, but we do not want to endanger our health – or in any way or to be deprived of pleasure since that is the main reason why we buy vape-filling cases.


Today, the consumption of cannabis has become almost a common thing – so marijuana has been legalized in many countries. However, using cannabis oil vapes and cartridges is a quite elegant and discreet way to consume marijuana enhanced with some of your favorite flavors. Do your best to find a supplier that is reliable and sells high-quality oils and vape-filling cases. Then, choose the type of cartridge and oil that suits you best and just enjoy yourself.