5 Reasons Commuters Should Consider an Electric Skateboard

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We have been feeling the damage caused by the gas for many years. This is not only bad for the environment but also for our finances. Also, the corona virus pandemic has led many to look for socially distant modes of transportation that are more sustainable and cost-effective than passenger cars and public city transportation. That is why it is always better to choose alternatives such as electric skateboard. The popularity of electric scooters is growing, we would say it is completely justified. Their practicality, simplicity and compact design are reason enough for such a thing.

While some consider it a passing fad, a pastime that can be expensive and even cost a life, others believe that this is one of the more useful inventions. If you don’t have to travel a long distance every day, consider this revolutionary alternative. It is a very practical option that will help you feel better because you contribute to maintaining the environment. In addition to all the above, you can now avoid rush hour traffic, traffic accidents and similar accidents. We do not believe that you will find better alternatives to transportation for several obvious reasons.

Read this post to know whether electric skateboards are safe or not!

1. The Best Transportation Alternative

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Although cars are harmful to the environment, they involve high maintenance costs, they also allow us to travel long distances. That’s why you probably can’t use ordinary bicycles to get to work or somewhere else. Not only will you get tired but you will also need a lot more time. This means that an electric solution such as an electric skateboard is needed. The best ones when it comes to choosing an alternative mode of transport on short distances.

They are very light, do not take up too much space and this allows for easy storage and portability. You will simply pack them in every trunk of the car, you can take it to public transport, office, etc. Thanks to the compact design of motorized electric longboard, users can also use different shortcuts to get to the desired location. Electric skateboards will save valuable time that we waste every day in traffic jams, at gas stations and looking for a parking space. You will have a lot of freedom with it, and if you need it for shorter distances, you will save a lot of time. You can forget about waiting for public transport, crowds, stress, nervousness and the like.

2. Environmentally Friendly Mode of Transport

We cannot ignore the fact that our every action affects the living environment. It is also the cause of many serious diseases. The planet is our only home and that is why everyone should equally contribute to its preservation. Cars, trucks, buses that use fossil fuels are the biggest air pollutants. When hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides combine with sunlight, they produce ozone. High in the atmosphere, ozone protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When holes in the ozone layer allow ozone to get closer to Earth, it contributes to smog and causes respiratory problems.

Although there has been a lot of pollution in the last few years, we still have a chance to correct the bad situation. However, it is important that we all deal with a problem that we have inherited and that has been going on for too long. It is enough to reduce air pollution by only a few estimates and we have succeeded in that. Electric skateboards are an important part of this action. If you also care about your environment, take this important step and start the fight against air pollution. Check characteristics of electric longboard at www.lumbuy.com and make sure it is 100% eco-friendly mode of transport.

3. Low Cost

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The electric skateboard is incomparably cheaper than any car, both when buying and when it comes to maintenance. The price includes the price of service, spare parts, repairs, etc. However, the difference in price is reflected in the ride itself. Electric skateboards are very easy to maintain and do not require any expensive treatments to serve you properly. However, it is necessary to follow certain rules so that your scooter is always ready. The first piece of advice would be to always read the instructions for use that came with your purchase, and that way you will usually solve most doubts.

Most of today’s electric scooters have lithium-ion batteries, which have proven to be by far the most efficient and economical. Like all other things, batteries have their own lifespan and with proper use it is possible to “extend” their life. When charging the battery, only use the original electric skateboard charger, as inadequate and unsuitable chargers can cause permanent damage to the battery.

4. Safe Driving

Since it is an electric skateboard, you will drive at a much lower speed compared to a motorcycle or car. Therefore, we can say that the electric skateboard is less risky compared to other means of transport. If you inspect your vehicle regularly, it will not break down and you will prolong its life. Even if it breaks down while driving, there is no risk of an accident, as is the case with a car.

There is also no speed limit, as you don’t have many options when it comes to speed levels. So, your vehicle is safe for other road users when moving on a skateboard track. It does not contain any signaling obligation, neither audible nor visual, which means that it is almost inaudible as it passes by others. Of course, you can always buy a mermaid.

5. Encourages Movement

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In addition to air pollution, there is another global problem and that is a sedentary lifestyle. A large number of people work in offices or do jobs that require sitting for several hours. After we finish our work, we usually drive to the next location, and if you don’t do physical activity, you will probably sit down again. So, it is important to spend time outdoors and move around. One of the great ways to get started is to use an electric skateboard.


Around the world, electric scooters are slowly becoming a symbol of modern public transport. And as things stand, it seems that the trend of using this type of transport will move upwards. They can move on the sidewalk or bike path and thus avoid traffic jams. They do not emit harmful substances and do not lead to air pollution, which we cannot say about cars. This is one of the most important factors and we can say an indicator that electric scooters are certainly part of the future.