What’s the Difference Between Low and High Volatility Slot Machines

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There’s barely anyone who didn’t try to play at least one casino game in their lifetime. In fact, as gamblers often state, all the people in the world can be divided into the ones that have tried to wager, and the ones who want to try it. Whether this is true or not, one thing is sure: casino games always bring excitement, anticipation and joy to the players. Even if they’re losing (it’s a different type of stress but it’s still easy to get hooked on).

What’s the reason for this? It could be the fact that they’re a part of something that’s been labelled as risky, or a taboo, since gambling is still somewhat judged by the society, especially when it comes to brick and mortar casinos. But more importantly, one of the biggest motives for indulging in any of the casino games (if not the biggest one) is, as you already know – winning money. Although the road to the highest prizes is not as smooth as some may think, it still is tempting to test your skills or make them lucrative, or to simply test your luck and earn some extra money.

That being said, there are games that are based on your skills, such as poker or blackjack and on the other hand, there are the games that are based mostly on your luck with just a bit of your knowledge and experience, such as slots for example.

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It’s interesting to mention that slots are one of the top 3 casino games everyone would love to indulge in. The reason for this is quite simple: when it comes to slots there are no special requirements, age limits or restrictions, and there are most certainly – thousands of fantastic bonuses, prizes and interesting and shiny slot machines. At the same time, for people who have never had a chance to go to a casino, slots are the first thing that can be seen in many movies and they always look glamorous, interesting and worth trying.

They make you want to go to Vegas and play them yourself. Considering the fact that brick and mortar casinos have become tourist attractions more than they are the first address you’d visit if you wanted to gamble, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the vast majority of people have the famous Bellagio on their bucket list, along with at least playing a couple of slot spins.

However, even if it might seem that slots are quite simple, is it really the case? Is there any philosophy to it? Are all slot players professionals and finally, is there any difference between the slot machines?

According to https://www.mycasinoadviser.com/, the first thing you should know is this: all slot machines are volatile. But you should also know that not all of them are volatile in the same way, nor the percentage of their volatility is the same. How is this possible?

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Simply put, in this case, volatility equals your chances to win the money. The ratio between the investing and the winning is what’s popularly called slot volatility. Logically, the lower it is, the higher the chances are, that you’re gonna get the money. However, it’s not that simple in reality. As you’re playing against the casino, against the house, they will normally try to make it less likely for you to win.

That being said, if the volatility is lower, it usually comes with other obstacles or barriers such as a lower prize. It’s pretty simple to understand how things work: either it’s gonna be more difficult to win (volatile slots) but the payout is also gonna be higher, or it’s gonna be possible to win more often, but the amount of money you can expect to win is gonna be lower.

This percentage is somewhat connected to the frequency of winning, but only slightly. Sometimes, there will be highly volatile slots that give their players payouts quite often, depending on the policy of the casino. However, you need to distinguish the chances of getting payed out and the return of money you can expect, since these are completely different things. Neither of them means something is guaranteed to you, but it also means that you can invest all your money and get nothing (if you’re playing both high or low volatility slots) or win millions.

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Luckily, it’s easy to determine if the machine is volatile, more or less. And of course, there are not only high and low volatile ones, but there are also the ones in the middle such as Monopoly megaways, which are the best option for many. Either the casino will give you this info before you start playing, or it will be easy to calculate it yourself, depending on the prize amount and the winning percentage.

Finally, there’s a list of slot machine names for each category you can check out beforehand, so you can pick the right option for yourself. Since online version of slots is currently more popular or at least equally popular as the offline one there are also lists 5 online slot machines and their names divided into categories.

Some of the most famous machines when it comes to low volatility are machines such as Lucky Cherry, while on the other hand, you can opt for immortal Romance or Dead or Alive, if you want to try your luck in very volatile slots that offer extremely high prizes.

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Finally, it’s all up to you. Depending on your preferences, your budget and your style when it comes to gambling, whichever slots you choose, you can expect to have fun; and if your bankroll management is smart enough, you can also expect to win money and make a great side hustle out of your hobby.

However, all the factors that we mentioned can really help you when you’re first getting started with slots, and the best thing you can do is to first try those that are low in volatility, and when you create a strategy for yourself, you can go and try to invest more in order to win big. Good luck!