How to Design a Dream Bathroom


Designing your dream bathroom is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of time and there are a lot of different factors that you need to consider. However, if you do this right, it is definitely worth the trouble. Fortunately, for those who are unsure how to go about the process of upgrading, we’re confident that we can give a helping hand when making the most of the space available. Ready for the bathroom of your dreams?

What Do You Need to Consider?

First things first, you’re going to need to ask yourself a couple of questions about your renovation. Factors like your budget and the size of the job are both important, but there will be bigger things to keep in mind before moving forward. Here are a few questions you may not have thought to ask:

  • What kind of style are you looking for?
  • Do you want new bathroom fixtures?
  • How do you prepare your bathroom and what facilities will you be without (even temporarily)?
  • What should you do first when updating a bathroom?
  • What kind of flooring is going to be best?

Once you have a better understanding of these things, you’ll often find that it will be much easier to design your dream bathroom.

How Are You Going to Use the Space?


This is one of the most important questions when it comes to your dream bathroom design. The perfect design focuses on both, the visual and practical side of the project. When thinking about the bathroom for you and your family, think about all how you are going to use it – now and in the nearest future. Kids are growing up, your family is changing, and your needs may be different too. That’s why you should always try to design a bathroom that will suit everyone in your household and that would be easy to rearrange in case of any changes necessary.

Do You Need to Hire an Expert?

While many people prefer to go the DIY route, there can often be benefits to hiring a professional. From being able to relax knowing that it’s all being taken care of by a specialist, to not having to worry about dealing with any of the hard work yourself; there are certainly some advantages to consider.

All this can be especially important for bigger jobs. If you need to undergo a larger renovation, it really can be worth getting the assistance of a professional – especially when it comes to plumbing or any electric works. For anybody who does need a specialist’s services, it might be worth checking out everything that’s on offer at

How to save money on your bathroom renovation

In need of a little more assistance? If so, here are just a few tips and tricks that could be perfect for anybody who wants to renovate their bathroom:

  • You could often save quite a bit of cash (as well as time and effort) by refinishing your bathtub rather than buying a brand new one.
  • For those on a budget, consider how you could take advantage of lookalike materials, like vinyl flooring over wooden flooring.
  • When hiring an expert, you should always consider that you and your contractor may not be on the same page, so it’s always best to double-check that everything is as you want before giving the green light.
  • Keep the fixtures in the same location – enlarging or rearranging a bathroom usually means moving plumbing pipes or sewer pipes and it can be really expensive.
  • Skip the tile – instead of having tiles from the floor up to the ceiling, consider something more affordable like wood panels that are not only cheaper but also easier to maintain.

5 Game Changers for Bathroom Design

Don’t install a bathtub – unless you really want to


Bathtubs are great and they usually level up the price of the house if you ever want to sell it. But is it really worth it? If there’s no one in your household taking regular baths, installing a bathtub is just an unnecessary expense. Showers are much cheaper, easier to install and help you save water too. A shower combined with rustic wooden panels or some fancy tiles can really make your space look more classy and expensive.

Go for the low maintenance materials

Natural wood looks beautiful, just like natural stone. But you know what is the other thing that they have in common? They’re expensive and challenging to maintain, especially over time. Keeping it nice means spending more money. That’s why going for low maintenance materials like vinyl, porcelain or reconstructed stone is a much better idea. They look just as good but are way easier to maintain and last you a lifetime.

Adequate lighting changes everything


To create that sense of calmness and relaxation in your dream bathroom make sure to install adequate lighting. It makes the room cosier and also easier to use. Focus on the mirror to make sure that the lights around it are properly installed and are not throwing any shadows. Use warm-coloured bulbs and instead of one big ceiling lamp, try also some smaller wall-mount lights.

Consider tile texture

Choosing perfect tiles is more than just picking out the one that you really like. The texture is almost as important. Glossy tiles are usually pretty slippery so having them in the shower is not really a great idea. Smooth tiles are easier to clean but they also tend to get messy quicker so you need to clean them more often than tiles with more coarse surfaces.

Choose quality over quantity but don’t overspend


That’s extra important. Choosing your bathroom essentials is not necessarily exciting but make sure to give it some thought. Don’t go for the cheapest choice. It may seem tempting at the time, but you’ll probably end up buying a new one in just few months. Always choose good quality pieces so that they will work and last for long. But don’t get over excited with the gadgets and extra features that are usually reallu expensive but also…useless.