How Often Should Your AC Be Professionally Cleaned?

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Placing air conditioning on the wall doesn’t mean that everything is done around the air conditioning of the apartment. The use of air conditioners requires periodic cleaning and servicing if you want them to function flawlessly and be energy efficient. So the question is: How often should we call professionals for help with cleaning our air conditioner?

Air Conditioning Service Is A Must-Do!

Every household should know that it is not enough to just buy and install air conditioning on the wall of the room. Air conditioners that work constantly must be regularly serviced and cleaned – so they can maintain their functionality, but also to preserve the health of all householders who spend time in air-conditioned rooms.

Of course, there are some things you can do yourself regarding the daily maintenance of air conditioners. However, you must know that services and regular inspection by professional air conditioning service technicians are a must-do! This applies both to residential buildings, that is, houses, and apartments – and even more to business premises. We’ll explain why servicing air conditioners are so important.

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When And How Often Do You Need Professional AC Cleaning?

As soon as you notice that the AC doesn’t blow cold, or it has an unpleasant odor or bad cooling – then no matter how regularly you do service you need to call professional service. Repair of air conditioners as well as air conditioning technical maintenance should not be done on your own – but it is necessary to hire professional AC service technicians. Why do you have to do regular air conditioning service? The answer is really simple.

Living and working in a business or residential space when outside temperatures are above 86 degrees is undoubtedly more comfortable in an air-conditioned room. For the air conditioner to properly cool the space – it is necessary to maintain the air conditioning regularly. The main reason why you need to do regular cleaning and service of your AC – is to get good quality air that the AC blows out.

According to, professional AC cleaning should be performed once a year before the summer season starts. In business premises such as banks, shops, boutiques, where the split air conditioning system is used due to the large circulation of people – it is necessary to do air conditioning service at least twice a year.

Reasons Why It Is Important To Clean Your Air Conditioning Regularly

When we talk about maintaining the AC, we always keep in mind the hygiene of our home. Of course, you do not want dust and particles to accumulate on the air conditioner – because the plastic formwork will turn gray or yellowish very quickly. However, this is certainly not the most important reason to maintain your AC devices regularly. The most important reasons are your health, safety – and durability of air conditioners.

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● Health

You should know that if it is not regularly and properly maintained –  the use of air conditioning can have negative consequences for the health. Fever, diarrhea, headache, malaise, and cough are just some of the symptoms that occur when staying in rooms where the air is contaminated – due to inadequate maintenance of air conditioning. When we do general house cleaning – few people remember cleaning the AC devices.

Big mistake because it is an important step in ensuring better air quality and lower costs. In case one of the members of the household has respiratory problems – maintaining the AC devices is vital. Also, if you are healthy, irregular maintenance of these devices can be a trigger for the development of respiratory diseases or for some reactions in the body that are not harmless.

You’ve probably heard of Legionnaires ’disease lurking from the air conditioner. It is an atypical form of pneumonia caused by an aerosol contaminated with concentrated legionella that is inhaled and this disease results. Therefore, regular cleaning of the AC is simply a must!

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● Device safety

Any device that is regularly maintained will be safer to use. However, you cannot always identify the causes that can lead to more serious failures – and also to safety risks, such as failures in electrical installations and the like. That is why your AC devices must be professionally cleaned, inspected and, if necessary – serviced. This inspection is done once a year before the season, but if necessary, you can check more often.

● The durability of air conditioner devices

Users very often say that when they turn on the air conditioner during the summer heat, it is not as efficient as before. Simply, the air is not released with the same intensity, and they still sweat even though the air conditioner is in full swing. Although there are several reasons for such problems, in most cases the climate needs to be thoroughly cleaned or serviced. Therefore, keep this in mind if you want your AC devices to last longer.

Proper Use Of Air Conditioning

Improper use of air conditioners often causes temperature shocks and impairs our health. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure that you place the cooling device in a part of the room where neither you nor your family members sit often. Never expose yourself to a direct blow of cold air from the air conditioner. And don’t overdo it with cooling, but set the temperature during hot summer days in air-conditioned rooms to be only five to ten degrees lower than the outside temperature.

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What To Do Before The Cooling Or Heating Season?

Before the start of the season, it is necessary to check whether the filters have been cleaned after the last season of cooling or heating – and call a service technician if maintenance of other parts of the air conditioner has not been serviced for a year. The outer condensate drain pipe should be inspected – and any blockages and obstructions removed. If you don’t use the air conditioner for heating, and you live in the northern parts – the outdoor unit can be covered and thus protected from the effects of the weather.

The Bottom Line

Summer will come faster than you think. That is why you have to think in advance and have enough time to check the correctness of your air conditioners. You should call a professional service to thoroughly clean your AC devices – and then welcome the summer without any worries.