Get Trauma Counseling to Cure Your Trauma Because of Its Amazing Advantages

Trauma happens to many of us in our lifetime. We cannot stop traumatic events from occurring, one way or another, they happen. Although it is quite sad that they happen, and it breaks your heart to find out one day that the people you love had to go through some of the most destructive moments of their life and the worst thing about it all is that they weren’t even at fault because the people that were at fault had ill intentions.

There are about 60% of women who were sexually abused when they were growing up. Why is that? It is not because of women; it is because of ill intentional people who wanted to harm them for their pleasure. Not just this, but many of the domestic abuse cases leave a traumatic memory to many of the victims, be it men or women, both are facing mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse throughout the world.

There are about 40% cases of domestic abuse in the United States, out of which only 20% are solved. Why is that? Are we not taking traumatic events seriously in a person’s life? No, it is because many of the victims of abuse, no matter what it may be, that causes scarring and trauma to the victim, they choose to remain silent about it. Either they do not want to tell because of the fear of losing respect in people’s lives or the fear of the abuser harming them to the point of taking their life for good.


This fear has only one way to be overcome, and that is to consult a trauma counselor to help the victim or the patient overcome this and stand up for themselves. The abuser only abuses to the point if you allow him or her to. That is a fact of life, throughout history, this is what we have seen happening to people. Take for example Moses and his people against Ramasses II, take for example Martin Luther King Jr. and his people against the abusers, take for example Nelson Mandela and his people against the corrupted regime.

The fact here is that, trauma, abuse, hurtful memories cannot be withheld inside the heart, there has to be some solace, some evangelizing moment, that sets a person free. And that is true, trauma counselors can help the patient reach such a point in their life where they can proudly say that the trauma is no more, that they are not living in fear, nor are they going to let this traumatic event define their entire life. There are further benefits that trauma counseling offers, but we will get to that later.

What Is Trauma Counseling in Its Pure Definition?

There are many definitions of trauma counselor or trauma-focused therapy. It is a program, an organization, or a structure of a system that is informed regarding all that is related to trauma. It realizes the trauma as a widespread phenomenon and tries to find the many methods for its recovery. It recognizes the symptoms and the signs that a trauma patient has and further it responds to the trauma in the form of procedures, policies, as well as practices.

Advantages of Trauma-based Counseling


There are many advantages that trauma counseling offers with the help of various methods and techniques. It is most advantageous to children who have experienced trauma recently, the earlier the trauma is tackled the higher the chances of it not affecting the child throughout their life. Traumatic events can affect a person in so many ways, in small moments and big, it is just a plague to keep you around it.

Therefore, it is better to take care of the trauma before there is no chance to take care of it. Luckily there are many advantages and many methods of solving traumatic events, they are the following:

Firstly, You Will Be Learning About What Trauma Is

Therapy that is focused solely on trauma gives a chance for the families and the children to learn much deeply about what trauma really is. It is a common fact about life, once you can identify something, you can easily control it in a proper manner. This will help you better understand why certain thoughts, behaviors, and feelings come up when trauma is triggered. Helping yourself to educated yourself regarding your or your loved one’s trauma.

This will give names and words to identify their trauma and better help explain their experiences, it will also remind you, your child or your spouse or whoever has gone through something traumatic that they are not alone in this and that this has happened to hundreds and thousands of people around the globe.

Your Boundaries and Safety Will Be Re-established


When a traumatic event happens, it basically means that you or your child’s or your spouse’s or anyone who has gone through a traumatic event has to understand that their sense of safety has been compromised and there is a high chance that it will keep on getting compromise unless a firm “no”, in the form of actions and words is expressed with support of loved ones.

The violations that happen come are in the form of psychological, physical, sexual, mental, and emotional. The main benefit of trauma counseling here is that the child or the person who has gone through this traumatic event will learn to reestablish their boundaries, whether they may be physical, emotional, sexual, mental etc. A new sense of self and safety will be created to ensure further harm does not take place.

Overcome Trauma Through Trauma Processing and Integration

The main goal of trauma counseling is to help the person who has gone through a traumatic event to overcome and control their past experiences by how they make them feel. They can re-narrate their story in a way that it makes sense to them by talking about it in a controlled environment and help them make meaning of the specific events that happened to them by relating themselves and their place in the world.

In Conclusion

Trauma is not something small, it can greatly affect a person all their life. If it is not resolved overtime, it can even ruin a person in their career, love-life, goals, and they will become an empty shell of themselves. If you do not want that to happen, you should resolve traumatic events, to do so, click on the following link: