7 Fashion Trends That Are Returning in 2024

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Okay, today we are touching upon fashion and for the right reasons. Fashion is something that is never still and it changes as we change and as our perception changes. It is a statement of who we are which is why we see so many trends come and go.

We are all witnesses that in the past few years we have had some trends from a past return while others stuck for a while. What brings out most of the discussions and debates are almost always old trends that have made a comeback. Some of them are good some of them are bad, it all depends on who you are asking and who you are talking with. 

The pinnacle of fashion are ladies, and that is without any doubt, but there are some male fashion comebacks that we saw and can see every year. Today we will talk about fashion trends that have made a comeback in the year 2024 and what is wearable and what shouldn’t be. 

Internet is a great source of the information regarding this and you can browse it for your education, but we highly advise you to stick to the end of this article and see what we have to tell you. Also if you are looking for a place that can provide pieces from trends that are making a big comeback try and choose the best one, or you can simply click here.

1. Sweater vests

Img source: pinterest.com

Sweater vests are making a big comeback, and we know how popular they were back in the day. Some people hated experimenting with these and they tried to keep them simple with some neutral colours that are easy on the eyes, and guess what?! Those are making a big comeback this year and are all the rage now with some combinations. These scream the 90s and this is why most of us like them. Those were the days of some risky fashion trends but others like these sweater vests were more than awesome. They are easy to wear and they go nice with like white button-up blouse underneath but the thing to know is that baggy clothes are now a hit so go a size up with the west for the best effect.

2. Wide-leg pants

Img source: zara.net

Now we heard a bunch of complaints everywhere that those skinny jeans that have taken over both the male and female population are a bit off the top, especially with males, but the old fashion is coming back in and we can all breathe. Wide-leg jeans were awesome back in the day and, although gen Z-ers will disagree, they are comfortable beyond imagination. The only problem with these now is that the sizing is a bit weird but if you go a size or two below your normal size you will find a pair that fits perfectly. Also, try and read reviews from people who got them already and see how their fitment went by.

3. Baguette bags

Img source: pinterest.com

This isn’t all about clothes, as you can see, we will touch upon some accessories as well because some of them have also returned like the one here. Since these were very popular back in their time, they have returned with a great price tag, but what you can do is work your way up from the most expensive ones to the cheaper ones that won’t break your budget. You can go with vintage ones like the Fendi bag or go for something a bit more acceptable that will give you the best bang for your buck like the Coach Baguette bag. 

4. Exaggerated shoulders

Img source: savoirflair.com

This was a fashion style and a half back in the day and you couldn’t see anyone who followed the fashion without clothes that overemphasized their shoulders. You probably guessed it that style is back in 2024 as well and it will stay for a year or two, for sure. You should try and pick up the best look that suits you but pay attention to something that will broaden your shoulders a bit while slimming down your waistline and give you that perfect line we are all searching for. Depending on which broad shoulder piece of clothing you buy you can have it both tucked and untucked, it is up to you and your preferences.

5. Puffy sleeves

Img source: refinery29.com

Since we are on the topic of exaggeration you have to go get yourself something with exaggerated puffy sleeves. Again a fashion piece that was very popular in its time, has somehow made its way in 2024. The council is still out on this one whether the look is good or extraordinary, but the fact is that these look extraordinary, the materials are awesome and it does one particularly nice trick – it, as well, makes your waist look super, super thin. 

6. Combat boots

Img source: twitter.com

Now we had this trend not a while ago and it somehow stuck with us this entire time, but it seems that in the past year and this year it made a huge comeback. Where ever you look, a casual clothing style on anyone calls for this fashion item. Most didn’t like these in the beginning but they fought their way through and here they are again – combat boots in all their glory. These go nice with dresses and tights and they make you look great, and you can also wear them with any jeans and they will, as it seems, never go out of trend. 

7. Crop-top look

Img source: missguided.com

Last year as well as this one have been the years of loungewear. Although not everyone can pull this one out in style, this fashion trend is sticking with us. More to it is the fact that you can combine something like a fuzzy jacket with it and wear it around the house or you can do the same and try it out and you will pick up all the looks on the street. These are also awesome because you can find them in your skin colour and some pieces come as a set so you don’t have to buy them separately.

So as you could see many trends are making a strong comeback and some of them are here to stay for a while. If we listed every old trend that has come back in 2024 the list would be incredibly long, which is why we picked these seven as the most obvious ones and as the most important ones. Pick what you like the most from here, try it on and tell us all about your impressions.